The Tenant is allowed to enjoy structural amenities located within the premises. The Studio Yard side is the Driveway up to the inside of the gate, and street parking is off the front of the property, west of the mailbox. The Driveway is reserved for the house occupant.


The Tenant will not make any alteration, addition or improvement to the Studio walls without first obtaining Landlord’s written consent. Any alterations, additions, or improvements to the studio walls are without payment to the Tenant and will become Landlord’s property immediately upon completion of the Term.


Tenant agrees and acknowledges that the premises to be occupied by Tenant and members of Tenant’s household have been designated as a smoke-free living environment. Tenant and members of Tenant’s household shall not smoke anywhere in the unit rented by Tenant, or the building where the Tenant’s dwelling is located or in any of the common areas or adjoining grounds of such building or other parts of the rental community, nor shall Tenant permit any guests or visitors under the control of Tenant to do so.


The Tenant’s Mail should be collected in the bottom section of the mailbox. The Tenant should write their name for the carrier to see. The Tenant’s Deliveries should be placed at the front entrance gate, not with the main house.


1.21.1 For safety and security, the Tenant agrees always to lock the fence gate when entering and exiting.

1.22.2 To avoid blockage of the sewerage system, the Tenant shall only use toilet paper for the toilet; other foreign materials and objects should not be flushed.

1.23.3 To enable accessible garbage collection, the Tenant will place garbage in the cans upfront.

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