Customer Name:                                                                                Tenants Name:                                                                                          

Property Address:                                                                              City/State/Zip:                                                                                             

The Contract price is    Time and Material, per Schedule of Fees dated       /      /                  Stipulated sum of $                       

Approximate Start Date:      /      /                               Approximate Completion Date:      /      /

Scope of Work: Customer hereby authorizes and directs Advanced Restoration (”Contractor”) to furnish all labor, service, equipment and materials to perform work at the property as generally describes below (“the work”).

   Board Up               Contents Manipulation         Demolition        Roof Cover             Temporary Utilities      Roof Cover                                      Shoring                 Dry Down Services            Clean Up

All work will be completed in a workmanship manner according to standard construction practices. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Contractor, the work will not include the correction of building code violations, construction defects or other causes or conditions unrelated to the loss giving rise to this contract.

Payment: Contractor will issue invoices to Customer which shall describe the work being invoiced and the change for the work. Payment is due within fifteen (15) days of contractor’s invoice. Contactor has the right, in contractor’s sole discretion to suspend Work until past due invoices are paid. In addition to the Finance Charges set forth below, Customer agrees to pay administration Fees of 15% per month on any unpaid balance after (30) days of the invoice date, plus any and all actual collection costs, collection actual attorney’s fees, expert fees, and court costs.

Advanced Restoration DKI will arrange individual pods to be delivered onsite for each tenant. We will remove all personal contents and
place them in the storage pods. It is the tenant’s responsibility to clean and dispose of their personal contents. Unless they decide to utilize
Advanced Restoration for these services at their own expense. The storage containers will be locked and the keys to each unit will be
provided to the tenant. All costs associated with this work will be billed to the insurance company under the claim filed for the Mitigation
services of this building. There is no out of pocket cost to the tenant.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, USA. Exclusive jurisdiction and venue shall be in California, USA.

Needs assessment Appointment of additional service: Date        /      /         Time:                    Place:                                                                             

Signature of Contractor Representative:                                                                                      Date:         /      /

Customer’s Name:                                                                                        

Customer’s Signature:                                                                       

Date      /      /

Job Tittle:                                                                               

Mailing Address:                                                                            City/State/Zip:                                                                                                             

Email Address:                                                                                          Phone:                                                                            

1177 N. 15th Street, San Jose, CA 95112  / (408) 298 – 4391 /

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