January 15, 2024

July XXX


THIS AGREEMENT, dated for reference the July XXX
(Name) ("COMPANY") whose address is (City) and
EM LLC, a corporation organized and existing under the
laws of XXX having a place of business at XXX ("LICENSOR").

A.COMPANY desires to enter into the business of providing certain
business development services through opening a new stand-alone Clinic to
be located in(City) the specified location for the Clinic TBD; B.
LICENSOR has expertise in facilitating, advertising, HR,
and developing anti-aging health practice: C.LICENSOR has printed
materials, a training platform, and know-how used to set up, operate,
market and manage an anti-aging health clinic and business model, and
COMPANY desires to license such materials; D.COMPANY and LICENSOR
wish to enter into an
arrangement whereby LICENSOR shall provide Services (as defined herein) to
COMPANY on the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
: in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants herein
contained, the parties hereby covenant and agree as follows:


1.Description of Services: LICENSOR will perform the Services detailed in
the attached Schedule 1, hereby incorporated by reference; and such other
services and functions as COMPANY requests the LICENSOR to perform related
to the services and functions described herein (collectively referred to
as the "Services". As part of this agreement LICENSOR will share

proprietary protocols for sexual health treatments, testosterone therapy
and business development practices.

2.License to Proprietary Materials: LICENSOR shall provide COMPANY with
available materials owned by LICENSOR used to set up, operate,
market, and manage this anti-aging clinic/business model, hereinafter
referred to as the Proprietary Materials. LICENSOR grants COMPANY a
license to use these Materials as provided herein.

3. Personnel to be utilized by LICENSOR: LICENSOR employees and
contractors as may be required to complete the work described in Schedule
1 (the "Personnel").

4.COMPANY Manager: (Name) (the "Manager"), or other
authorized person as COMPANY may designate from time to time.

5.Term: This Agreement shall be in effect from the initial $175,000.00
deposit date, and will remain in effect for 3 months after the Effective
Date of this Agreement, or when terminated as provided for herein.

6.Fee For Services: COMPANY shall pay to LICENSOR a $175,000.00 fixed fee
for use of the Proprietary Materials and for performance of the Services.
Fees shall be calculated as provided for in Schedule 2, incorporated into
this Agreement by reference. COMPANY shall pay the initial fee to LICENSOR
upon execution of this Agreement. Subsequently, LICENSOR shall invoice
if the Company will utilize the marketing of our services.

7.Location Where Services are to be Performed: It is expected that most
work will be performed at LICENSOR usual business locations used by the
Personnel ("Work Location"), as well as other locations to be
designated by LICENSOR in keeping with LICENSOR’s regular use of their
employees and contractors. Notwithstanding the foregoing, as contemplated
in Schedule 1, LICENSOR shall perform certain Services at COMPANY’s

facility designated as the location for the Clinic.

8.Business Associates Agreement: The parties agree that during the course
of providing the Services, LICENSOR and the Key Personnel may gain access
to confidential patient medical information. This type of information
shall be treated by both parties in accordance with a separate Business
Associate Agreement, which the parties agree to execute prior to
disclosure of any patient confidential medical information. Handling of
confidential medical information shall be in addition to, and not in
conflict with, any other confidentiality provisions contained herein.


1.Representations and Warranties: LICENSOR hereby covenants, represents
and warrants to COMPANY that the following facts are true as of the
Effective Date of this Agreement and shall continue to be true throughout
the Term:
(a) LICENSOR and the Key Personnel have the necessary knowledge,
experience, and skills to perform the Services, and; (b) neither
LICENSOR nor any of the Key Personnel have been
convicted of any criminal offense, and; (c) LICENSOR owns the
rights to the proprietary materials, and is
legally entitled to grant COMPANY a license to use such materials.2.
Engagement: (a) LICENSOR shall provide Services to COMPANY on a
exclusive, equal priority basis during the Term of this Agreement in
accordance with the particulars set out in Schedule 1. (b)
LICENSOR shall, on a regular basis, provide a report to
COMPANY on progress made and general status of work in progress. These
reports shall be made in person, via email, or by phone as shall be
reasonably deemed appropriate by COMPANY. In addition, LICENSOR shall
attend meetings and reviews at such reasonable times and locations deemed
appropriate by COMPANY.
3.Payment of the Fee: COMPANY shall pay LICENSOR the Fee in the manner

provided in paragraph 6 of Section I.

4.Permitted Expenses: COMPANY shall reimburse LICENSOR for expenses that
may properly and reasonably incurred by LICENSOR in connection with the
performance of the Services. LICENSOR anticipates, and COMPANY understands
that in the course of providing the Services, one or more of the Key
Personnel shall be physically located in the region of the Clinic, for a
period of time.
(a) LICENSOR shall request approval from COMPANY prior to
incurring expenses not otherwise provided for herein, for any individual
expense item in excess of $200. Approval shall be deemed to have been
given when LICENSOR notifies COMPANY of intent to incur expenses, and
COMPANY does not object. The parties anticipate that such approval will
normally be sought verbally. (b) COMPANY shall reimburse LICENSOR
for reasonable expenses
incurred by the Key Personnel for air travel, lodging, living costs, and
local transportation while providing Services at the Clinic location.
CONSULTANT shall deliver to COMPANY on or before the last day of each
month, appropriate receipts and/or invoices for all such expenses incurred
during the preceding month and COMPANY shall reimburse LICENSOR for such
expenses within thirty (30) days following delivery of such receipts or
(c) COMPANY shall compensate LICENSOR for use of the Key Personnel
who may be actively engaged in tasks other than the Services, such as
operating the Clinic after the clinic opens. Consistent with the Statement
of Work in Schedule 1, COMPANY shall hire staff necessary to operate
Clinic prior to the opening of the Clinic. Should COMPANY elect to open
the clinic prior to all required employees being hired, LICENSOR shall
provide such functions as may be necessary to allow the Clinic to open by
using the Key Personnel to fulfill the required functions. In this case,
COMPANY shall pay LICENSOR $600 per day and per person, for the use of the
Key Personnel until such time as all necessary staff have been hired by
COMPANY. LICENSOR shall not be compensated for Key Personnel who are
engaged in providing the Services, such as training, consulting, or market

development services, but rather for those functions which should have
been performed by an employee of the Clinic.
5.Performance of Other Services: Notwithstanding any provisions to the
contrary in Section 8 of this Agreement, nothing herein contained shall
preclude LICENSOR from acting in a similar or any other capacity for
anyother person, firm, or company, so long as such activities do not, in
COMPANY’S opinion acting reasonably, prevent LICENSOR from fulfilling all
of LICENSOR’S obligations to COMPANY under this Agreement or otherwise
adversely affect the interests of COMPANY.

6.Key Personnel: Unless COMPANY otherwise consents in writing, LICENSOR
shall use only the Key Personnel to perform the Services. LICENSOR
warrants that LICENSOR will maintain non disclosure and proprietary
rights agreements with all LICENSOR Key Personnel having access to COMPANY
confidential information. LICENSOR maintained agreements shall be
consistent with the terms outlined in this agreement.

7.No Employment Payments or Benefits: LICENSOR acknowledges that LICENSOR
is acting as an independent consultant to COMPANY and covenants that
LICENSOR shall, at LICENSOR’S own expense, pay all income taxes, charges
and contributions levied or required by any federal, state, and/or local
governmental authorities in respect of monies paid to LICENSOR under this
Agreement. COMPANY shall not have any obligations whatsoever to compensate
LICENSOR, the Key Personnel, or any other employees, agents, officers,
directors, or representatives of LICENSOR for any benefits accorded by
COMPANY to any of its employees.

8.Right of First Refusal: LICENSOR intends to open additional anti-aging
clinics in association with other clients in other locations. COMPANY
desires, and LICENSOR agrees that COMPANY shall have an exclusive right of
first refusal to additional locations, named here as (City) and
hereinafter referred to as the Additional Locations .

LICENSOR agrees not to provide any other client with services similar to

those in this Agreement in the Additional Locations, without first
offering COMPANY the option to open such clinics under terms similar to
those specified in this Agreement. The right of first refusal shall
continue during the term of this Agreement. LICENSOR shall provide COMPANY
with a written offer to perform services for additional clinics in the
Additional Locations if LICENSOR believes that such clinics could be
operated profitably and another entity has signaled its willingness to
operate such clinics. COMPANY shall have the option to enter into an
agreement with LICENSOR similar to this Agreement within 30 days of
suchnotification. LICENSOR agrees not to enter into any other agreement
any other entity in the Additional Locations unless COMPANY has declined
to enter into a new agreement within 30 days of notification.
9. Termination: This Agreement shall terminate automatically on the
expiration of the Term. Notwithstanding paragraph 5 of Section I, this
Agreement may be terminated prior to completion of the Services as

(a) Material Breach by LICENSOR COMPANY may terminate the
Agreement, effective forthwith, upon delivery of notice of termination to
LICENSOR, if LICENSOR or the Key Personnel commit a material breach of
this Agreement, or if LICENSOR or the Key Personnel consistently fail to
properly perform and observe their respective obligations hereunder, or
there is any material wrongful or negligent act by LICENSOR, the Key
Personnel, or any other employee, agent, or representative of LICENSOR in
connection with the performance or observance of their respective
obligations hereunder.

(b) Insolvency of LICENSOR. COMPANY may terminate the Agreement
if LICENSOR should become insolvent, or if a receiver or receiver-manager
should be appointed for any part of the property of LICENSOR, or if
LICENSOR makes an assignment, proposal or arrangement for the benefit of
its creditors, or if LICENSOR should file an assignment in bankruptcy, or
if any proceedings under any bankruptcy or insolvency laws are commenced

against LICENSOR, which termination shall be effective forthwith upon
delivery of notice of termination to LICENSOR.

(c) Non Payment by COMPANY. LICENSOR may terminate this Agreement
forthwith, upon delivery of notice of termination to COMPANY, should any
amount payable by COMPANY to LICENSOR not be paid to LICENSOR within 60
days of the due date, whether as Fees, reimbursement of Permitted
Expenses, payment for Advertising, or any other amount which may become
due to LICENSOR under the terms of this Agreement.
In the event of termination of this Agreement under (a) or (b)
herein, COMPANY shall pay to LICENSOR any amount earned for Services
rendered to the effective date of termination, as well as Permitted
Expenses incurred prior to the date of termination. Upon termination or
expiration of this Agreement, LICENSOR shall immediately deliver to
COMPANY all materials, documents, information, contracts and property
under LICENSOR’S control or in LICENSOR’S possession which may be owned
byCOMPANY, or may in any way relate to, the Services provided by LICENSOR
under this Agreement. In the event of termination under
Section II.9(c) herein,
CONSULTANT shall have the option to exercise the Buyout Option as provided
in Section II.20 of this Agreement.
10. Ownership of Work/Output: Except where explicitly provided for
elsewhere in this Agreement, the parties acknowledge and agree that:
(a) with respect to the delivery of any Services detailed in
Schedule 1, which Services COMPANY acknowledges are an assembly of
experience, processes, innovations, and know how possessed by LICENSOR,
LICENSOR grants COMPANY the perpetual, non-cancellable, royalty-free, non-
exclusive right to use LICENSOR’S intellectual property embodied in the
services for any purpose whatsoever, except for the proprietary materials;
(b) with respect to any Services contemplated under this
Agreement, all of LICENSOR’S and Key Personnel’s work in progress and work
output during the Term, and all writings, contracts, advertising, designs,
inventions, improvements and all other ideas and materials that during the

Term LICENSOR, either alone or with others, may prepare, draw, design,
develop, invent, devise, make, produce, author, create or conceive of in
connection with the Services provided hereunder, and all rights and
interests therein and thereto including goodwill, trademarks or industrial
design, shall be the property of COMPANY exclusively and COMPANY may use,
alter, vary, adapt and exploit the same as it shall see fit in COMPANY’S
absolute discretion. LICENSOR hereby assigns to COMPANY and agrees that on
request LICENSOR shall hereafter assign to COMPANY and will cause the Key
Personnel to assign to COMPANY all of LICENSOR’S and Key Personnel’s
right, title and interest in and to any and all such property.
11. Confidentiality: LICENSOR acknowledges and agrees that:
a) Proprietary Information (hereinafter defined) shall for all
purposes at all times both during and after the Agreement be confidential
and the property of COMPANY exclusively; and, b) during and after
this Agreement expires or is terminated,
LICENSOR is and shall be deemed to be in a fiduciary relationship with
COMPANY in respect of all Proprietary Information and other
confidentialinformation related to the business and affairs of COMPANY,
or the Key Personnel may learn of or be exposed to. c) LICENSOR
shall use and duplicate COMPANY’s Proprietary
Information only as necessary in connection with LICENSOR’s obligations
under this Agreement. LICENSOR shall return to COMPANY, or destroy and
certify as destroyed, all COMPANY Proprietary Information upon completion
of LICENSOR’s objectives under this Agreement, upon reception of COMPANY’s
written request, or upon termination of the Agreement, whichever is
LICENSOR and Key Personnel shall not, either during or after the
expiration or termination of this Agreement, disclose to any corporation,
firm or person other than COMPANY and its directors and officers or as
otherwise authorized by COMPANY, or use for LICENSOR’S own purposes or for
any purposes other than those of COMPANY, any Proprietary Information of
COMPANY or any other confidential information regarding the private
affairs of COMPANY.

In this Agreement "Proprietary Information" means information,
knowledge and material related to the business, goodwill, intellectual
property rights, trade secrets or property of COMPANY or the proposed or
actual customers, suppliers or transactions of COMPANY or the strategies,
methods or ideas which have been or are being developed or utilized or
marketed by COMPANY or in which COMPANY is or may become interested, to
the extent same are not in the public domain.

The provisions of this Section II.11 shall survive termination or
expiration of this Agreement.

12.Payment Provisions and Escrow: COMPANY acknowledges that under the Fees
schedule contained in Schedule 2, LICENSOR bears the risk of receiving
payments from COMPANY. To limit such risk, and allow LICENSOR the ability
to verify revenues from clinic operations, COMPANY agrees to the following
The provisions provided herein are addition to the Termination provisions
of Section II.9(c), and Section II.20 of this Agreement.
13. Not Agent: Unless COMPANY specifically authorizes LICENSOR in
writing to do so, LICENSOR shall not act nor shall purport to be acting as
the legal agent of COMPANY, and LICENSOR shall not enter or purport
toenter into any agreements on behalf of COMPANY or otherwise bind or
purport to bind COMPANY or cause COMPANY to incur liability in any manner
whatsoever, and, except as otherwise provided herein, all actions of
LICENSOR other than provision of the Services shall be entirely on and for
LICENSOR’S own behalf.

14.Assignment: LICENSOR shall not assign or purport to assign any of
LICENSOR’S rights or obligations under this Agreement without first
obtaining COMPANY’S written consent. If such consent should be given on
any particular occasion, it shall be required for all subsequent
assignments by LICENSOR, to assign all its rights and obligations under
this Agreement. COMPANY may assign, in whole or in part, this Agreement or

any of its rights hereunder to an affiliate or successor without
LICENSOR’S written consent. This Agreement shall be binding upon and shall
inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective lawful
successors and permitted assigns.

15.Grant of License: LICENSOR shall furnish COMPANY, on a fee-free basis,
with LICENSOR owned proprietary materials as may be required during the
normal course of providing the Services. COMPANY shall have the express
right to copy, use, modify, adapt, and incorporate proprietary materials
into COMPANY business at the Clinic. Further COMPANY shall have the right
to use proprietary materials in any way it sees fit during the Term of
this Agreement, and following termination, provided that:

(a) COMPANY shall not publish any of the proprietary materials nor
disclose any of the proprietary materials to any third party except as may
be necessary in using these materials in the normal course of
COMPANY business of operating the clinic.

This includes use of our dashboard, CRM,Software,and marketing materials .

(b) COMPANY shall not have the right to transfer or sub-license this
business model or any of the proprietary materials except as provided with
our licensing program without a new license per location.

(c) All Fees that are owed in accordance with Schedule 2 have
been paid to LICENSOR by COMPANY.

16.Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, LICENSOR shall
retain and own all worldwide right, title and interest in and to the
proprietary materials and all intellectual property and other rights
therein, including but not limited to proprietary materials, patents,
trademarks, service marks, and trade secrets, including all copies and all
portions thereof. Nothing in this Agreement will vest title in COMPANY to
any rights therein, except as expressly set forth in this Agreement.

17.A.Indemnification. The Parties agree that COMPANY shall accept complete
responsibility for the provision of medical services to patients treated
by the Clinic, and that LICENSOR’s role will be confined to sales,
marketing, and operations. COMPANY shall indemnify and hold harmless
LICENSOR and its agents, directors, officers and employees from and
against any and all damages, injury, claims, demands, actions,
liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) incurred
by or made against LICENSOR arising from or connected with the performance
or breach of any of the Services of LICENSOR or the Key Personnel under
this Agreement.

17.B.Arbitration. Any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or
relating to this Agreement or the breach, termination, enforcement,
interpretation or validity thereof, including the determination of the
scope or applicability of this Agreement to arbitrate, shall be determined
by arbitration in Las Vegas, Nevada, before one arbitrator. The
arbitration shall be administered by JAMS pursuant to its Streamlined
Arbitration Rules and Procedures. Judgment on the award may be entered in
any court having jurisdiction. This clause shall not preclude parties from
seeking provisional remedies in aid of arbitration from a court of
appropriate jurisdiction. The arbitrator may, in the award, allocate all
or part of the costs of the arbitration, including the fees of the
arbitrator and the reasonable attorneys’ fees of the prevailing party.

18.Disparagement: In no case shall either party, including their
employees, contractors, agents, or affiliates, disparage the other party,
or its agents or affiliates, either during the term of the Agreement, or
for a period of two years following termination. Disparagement shall
include statements made to the public in any form including web, print,
television, or radio, that would lead a member of the public to reasonably
conclude that the disparaged party had conducted itself in any way
contrary to the best interests of the disparaging party.19.Endorsement:
Notwithstanding LICENSOR’s duty to protect COMPANY

Proprietary Information, COMPANY agrees to permit LICENSOR to advertise
LICENSOR’s role in this Agreement to other LICENSOR prospective clients.
LICENSOR shall have the right to advertise the name of COMPANY and
location of the Clinic, as well as the general operation of the Clinic’s
business methods including marketing and operations. CONSULTANT shall
provide any advertising material to COMPANY prior to release, and request
endorsement, which shall not be unreasonably withheld. Under no
circumstances shall LICENSOR release any detailed financial information,
or details of any patient, employee, contractor, or COMPANY affiliate.
20.Non Solicitation: The parties agree that both the Key Personnel, and
any employees or contractors COMPANY may hire during the course of this
Agreement, are of value to LICENSOR and COMPANY respectively. Both parties
agree that during the Term of this Agreement, and for a period of two
years following termination, Neither party shall:
(a) Directly, or through a third party, solicit the employees,
contractors, or affiliates of the other party, and,
(b) Offer employment or service contracts to any of the other party’s
employees or contractors, either directly or through a third party.
21.Severability: If any one or more of the provisions of this Agreement
shall for any reason be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in
any respect, any such provision shall, unless either party elects
otherwise, be severable from this Agreement, in which event this Agreement
shall be construed as if such provision had never been contained herein.

22.Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in
accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina without regard to
principles of conflicts of law.

23.Force Majeure: Notwithstanding anything else in this Agreement, if
either party is prevented from fulfilling its respective obligations
hereunder by any cause beyond its reasonable control and without its fault
or negligence, including, without limitation, labor disputes, accidents,
fires, disruption of transportation or communication services, acts of
God, government actions, natural causes, war, or other such causes, then

neither party shall be liable to the other in damages or costs for any
failure to perform its obligations hereunder, and the time of performance
required for any such obligation shall be extended by a time equal to the
duration of the delay or restriction.

24.Notice: Any notices, reports or other communications required or
permitted to be given under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall
be sufficient if delivered by hand, courier or facsimile addressed to
COMPANY or LICENSOR at their respective addresses shown on the first page
of this Agreement, to the attention of the person names at the end of this
Agreement in the case of COMPANY, or to such other address as the party
shall advise the other party in writing. Any such notices, report or other
communications shall be deemed to have been received by the party(ies) to
whom they were addressed upon delivery by hand, courier or facsimile, when

25.Whole Agreement/Modification: This Agreement supersedes all previous
dealings, understandings and expectations of the parties and constitutes
the whole agreement with respect to the transactions contemplated hereby,
and there are no representations, warranties, conditions, or collateral
agreements between the parties with respect to such transactions except as
expressly set out herein and in the instrument(s), if any, executed and
delivered pursuant hereto. No amendment, modification, supplement or other
purported alteration of this Agreement shall be binding upon the parties
unless in writing as signed by them or on their behalf by a duly
authorized representative(s).

26.Counterparts: This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, or
facsimile counterparts, each of which when executed together by either of
the parties shall be deemed to be an original and such counterparts shall
together constitute one and the same Agreement.
License material, intellectual property, trade secrets, and ongoing
training for up to 2 months.

Schedule 1:
This proposal is for exclusive rights to One Standard License in (City)

This license provides the exclusive use of our protocol and medication and
extensive intellectual property, included but not limited to appointment,
staff and discharge scripts, extensive clinic forms, the complete business
operating system dashboard and the exclusive territory – 75 Mile Radius of
San Francisco, CA.

As part of the intellectual property we provide business introductions to
our patient finance companies and physician staffing agencies, direction
in hiring staff and physicians, and use to a direct-response advertising
agency, highly experienced in generating massive highly qualified inbound
telephone inquiries on a year-round basis. Along with the dashboard we
provide a 1 week in-person training at our Charlotte NC headquarters as
well as Miami(For Enhancement License Protocols) and 90 days training
with a staff virtual trainer, as well as permanent access to the virtual
training dashboard.

This Standard License Model gives you the template to offer these anti
aging therapies designed to help prospective patients.

● Trimix Therapy
● Testosterone Therapy
● Extracorporeal Wave Therapy
● Sublingual Treatment Therapy

These therapies gives the licensee the ability to offer:

▪ Premium predictable ED Therapy
▪ Testosterone Management Therapy For Men
▪ Sublingual ED Therapy
▪ Shockwave Therapy ED Treatment

For an additional license fee there are supplemental services that can be
added on to this license including:

▪ Permanent Male Enhancement
▪ Female Sexual Wellness
▪ Exosome Enhancement
▪ Platelet Rich Plasma Training

Our network offers the Licensee the training, templates and guidance to
open, manage and develop the clinic(s) using the same clinic development
model used at our headquarters. Equipment Fees are extra.


Standard License Model (Single Office)

$175,000 License Fee

Gives you exclusive use of our training, and protocols within your

Additional marketing and business development services are available on an
a la carte basis.

You are free to use whatever CRM And Practice Software you desire, As we
mentioned, we do have options available on a a la carte basis. These

Proprietary Practice CRM – $1000/Mo
Google Ads Management – $2000/Mo Management Plus Ad Spend
Consulting calls with Dr Hansen $150/Hour

Website, Brochure and Logo design services also available per project
Active Campaign (Marketing Email CRM and Follow Up System) $1000/Mo
We will also make available our TV/Radio Media Buyers

Regenerate Network agrees to include development of company web site
provided this agreement is executed and funded by 7/18/22.

As a licensee – you have the autonomy to use whatever business management
marketing and softwares you would choose- but we make all of our proven
agencies, software and marketing teams available to network on a la carte
basis. Fees range depending on how aggressively you want to grow in your

Medical Consulting shall be provided by Dr Hansen on a Per-call Basis.
This is to insure that each new office is compliant to recommended
protocols. The Per-call rate will be $150/call.

As part of the intellectual property we provide business introductions to
our patient finance companies, and introduction of our direct-response
advertising agencies which are  highly experienced in generating massive
highly qualified inbound & outbound telephone inquiries on a year-round


We have an aggressive training program that will commence as soon as we
receive your engagement deposit. When we launch- we need to be sure the
the providers, patient counselors and the front office staff all know what
to say- and more importantly, our message has to be consistent. Training
is conducted in clinic, at our facility and virtually.

Getting Started

Once we are both in agreement we want to proceed, the new licensee will
approve the engagement agreement and make arrangements for the initial
deposit. This will get the wheels in motion. We’ll start helping you find
your location and give you direction in staffing, and start building the
regional specific marketing assets.

We will work with key team members to prepare them for a launch within 60-
90 days.

All Rights Reserved RN LLC

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