February 29, 2024

To the Honourable Judge XXX,  at The Family Court at Central Family Court,




Your Honor,


The purpose of this email is to notify the court that I, Maria XX (Petitioner and self-representing), have reviewed the documents presented by the Respondent. However, I have identified a number of inconsistencies that call into question the validity of the Respondent’s job status.


As you can see from the bullet points below, the Respondent has presented different types of contracts depending on the court case he is defending.

“Therefore, I respectfully request that the court require the Respondent to provide an affidavit from his employer, Dell XXX, to confirm whether or not the Respondent was on secondment from the UK to Latin America, and whether he is still on secondment. This is particularly relevant given that the Respondent had previously confirmed, in his request for indefinite leave to enter the UK in October 2019, that he was on secondment from the UK.

This confirmation is important because having a contract in the UK would mean that finances could be dealt with in the UK, as the Respondent has previously stated that he had no job in Guatemala at the time of this hearing. It is worth noting that the certificate was issued by an executive assistant, rather than an HR or legal representative, which may call into question its validity.

If an affidavit cannot be obtained from Dell UK, I respectfully request that the court not take the employment certificates into consideration as evidence of employment. Instead, I propose that the application for indefinite leave to enter be considered as proof of employment, since the Respondent had stated in this document that he was on secondment from the UK to Latin America (and as stated in the contract, he continued to pay social benefits in the UK).”

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