[contact number]

23rd September 2021

The Honorable Ralph Northam

Governor of Virginia

Richmond, VA 23218

Dear Governor Northam:


My name is [insert name]. I am a concerned citizen of the proud state of Virginia living in fear for my personal safety and wellbeing. The facts below have been brought to the attention of the law enforcement agents for their urgently needed action. However, to date I am not privy to any information with respect to investigation of the matter. I address this letter to you seeking your assistance to cause an investigation into this matter.

Sometimes in [insert year] I filed civil action no. [insert case number] in North Carolina against [insert defendant]. The basis of the action was frustration of the lease agreement for the apartment I resided in at the time. On October 26th, 2020, the matter was dismissed with prejudice and my attorney facilitated the same without my consent. I also discovered various documents allegedly bearing my signature were filed with the court, including a letter claiming I no longer wish to pursue an action against the Defendant.  I did not execute any document or consent to the filing of these documents as they were never brought to my attention by my attorney. Nonetheless, consequent of dismissal I was wrongfully and unlawfully evicted from my home and forced to relocate elsewhere.

Equally concerning, I noticed multiple false offences appeared on my record including DUI, multiple bankruptcies and marriage/divorce reports among others. Anyone conducting a background check on me was able to view the false records, which information was heavily misleading. As such, it became apparent to me that the records were further intended to justify my eviction from my home.

Following the dismissal, I began to receive unsolicited communications from random individuals. These individuals identified themselves to be Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire Department and Law Enforcement personnel. These communications developed into aggressive harassment as I would receive threatening calls five (5) to six (6) times a day. They unlawfully retrieved my cell records, accounts, text messages, contacts, any information good or bad that would serve their purpose to silence me and keep me from further investigating/pursuing the matter that was dismissed and the irregularities on the record.

There have been multiple attempts to break into my computer to retrieve and/or delete information in my possession and I have been notified of the same by my harassers. They have intimated to me that they used my Norton Unlock account information to gain access to my computer. I have also received audio recordings replaying my voice at times when I was clearly alone. This indicates there are hidden recording devices placed around me. Anytime I am online, my computer device responds inconsistently from before. Frankly speaking, it has been a nightmare.

As though interfering with my privacy is not enough, they have interfered with my career and employment opportunities. I have been harassed through my employers and have noted similar and regular persons observing me each time I exit an employer’s premises. I have attempted to raise concerns to my employer and to explain myself, but all explanations fell on deaf ears. When I reported the incidents, I was instead terminated from employment. This has been a recurring incident with various employers.

I have been forced to relocate multiple times in three different states (North Carolina, Georgia and now Virginia) due to the non-stop harassment over the past three years. I have reported the incident on more than one occasion and have been hopeful of feedback on the investigation. I have made several calls and sent registered mail to the various law enforcement agencies including the Newport News Police Department, but to date I have not received any confirmation on the status of the investigation.

Over the last two (2) weeks I have drawn letters addressed to Magistrates in each city I have resided in and have requested for their assistance with investigation of my complaints. In response, I am now advised the proper forum to address my concerns is the Governor of the state of Virginia.

I have maintained proper records of the incidents and the reports I have made to the relevant authorities. I have enclosed with this letter the supporting information within my possession for your review and consideration.

Thank you for your continued service and assistance. I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,


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