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This letter serves as a narration of the pertinent facts of my case. Through it, I seek to give a clear picture of all that happened so you pick out the legal issues in preparation for the case.

I have been living with my girlfriend for at least three years now. The home we lived in was being renovated. During that time, we experienced much trouble from a homeless drug user, who lived in the home. She was dating my girlfriend’s father, who was imprisoned for trafficking heroine. While the house was vacant, the lady used to break into the house and take a shower. She was caught several times.

On one occasion, my girlfriend was out of town when the lady broke into the house. In the act, she made two holes in the wall and took off with 137$ worth of construction equipment. Unfortunately, my girlfriend thought I was responsible for the acts because she thought I caught her cheating. She also thought I had stolen her $2500 computer, while it was at her house the entire time. Consequently, she filed a criminal charge against me.

When I was taken to jail, I called my girlfriend but her phone was on voicemail. I recall with exactness that I had neither hostility nor ill-will whatsoever. Therefore, I was surprised when the police informed me that I had a no contact order.  Interestingly, I never received such an order personally.

It is worth noting that I had no idea of what really happened until I was bailed out of jail. I also came to realize about my girlfriend’s promiscuous behavior when I learnt that she had slept with around seven people on thirty different occasions. She has been hiding the truth from me for a long time now. She is a pop star, and this information would be detrimental to her public image.

I must also state that I need her to admit that she did wrong to me. Apparently, she is worried I might hurt the people she has been sleeping with. Lately, I realized that she has been getting paid for her silence after she was molested while she was 13 years old. The culprit, Dahvie vanity, who is a well-known artist, has been severally accused of child molestation. Unfortunately, he has never been taken to jail for it.  

For the current case against me, I hoped my public defender would get the charge against me dropped. Unfortunately, he got an offer for no jail time, which I declined. Now after receiving bail, I cannot understand why I got a warrant of arrest.

The recent events have left me distraught. These experiences have also negatively impacted my financial life. Notably, I made about $6788 per month since January until now. Currently, I am afraid to leave my own home. My tires have been slashed, and a girl, who was my employee, robbed me $960 stating that it was a ‘revenge “for my ex.

Accordingly, I seek your assistance in protecting my rights, which are in jeopardy. The facts I have alleged hereinabove involve several legal issues including a violation of my due process rights. It follows; for the interest of justice, my side of the story has to be given much consideration.

I’m looking forward to a response from you.

Yours sincerely,


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