January 19, 2021.

My name is ______________________ and am a loving father of two boys, Kyle and Emmanuel. I am writing this letter to you because of the ongoing injustices against my child Emmanuel, and I would like you to expedite our family’s reunification. 

Last year, my ex-wife, who suffers from mental health issues called the CPS and requested them to pick up the children. My ex-wife abandoned the children and went to live in Nigeria. Since then, I have not heard from her. Subsequently, the CPS called me and asked me to be at their offices in Holly Springs in 30 minutes, but I was working and could not get to their offices within a short period of time. Hence, my mother went to pick them, but she was told that she was too late. Further, the CPS officer told my mother that the kids had already been placed in foster care.

The CPS’s actions were unfair; contrary to the instructions of the judge at the time who ordered that the children stay with my mother; and detrimental to the boys’ best interests. Besides, CPS did not attempt to retrieve the boys from foster care, and it took several months before we were able to get Kyle out of the system and place him under my mother’s care. However, Emmanuel is still in foster care despite our repeated attempts to get him home. This case affected my children negatively as both boys are of tender age who need support from their parents. I was raised by a loving father who passed on while I was twelve, but I cherish the memories and lessons he taught me especially fishing. Leaving Emmanuel in custody is denying him a right to be with his father and brother. Besides, Kyle is really disturbed and keeps asking for his brother. Also, Emmanuel missed two vaccinations because of the separation, and he was only able to get them because of my intervention. 

I am a responsible father and citizen as I have never contravened any law. Also, I completed a single parenting plan seminar hence I can adequately take care of the boys. I can sufficiently provide for my children since I attended university with a business degree and now serve as a licensed minister. Also, I have a supportive family which consists of two sisters, three brothers and my mother, a licensed social worker who are willing to help me raise my children.

I would like you to expedite the process of uniting our family since what happened is due to my ex-wife’s outrageous accusations and the CPS officer’s unfair conduct. My ex-wife accused me of assault, and a proceeding was initiated against me in a youth court. However, the CPS investigator has since disqualified the accusations because Kyle was in school at the time of the incident, and I was at work. It is unfair that the proceeding is still pending at the youth court even after the CPS investigator disqualifying the accusations. Additionally, the caseworker claimed that a therapist has insisted that the boys be kept apart. She has unfairly wielded over my family and me and even over Emmanuel’s daycare centre.

For instance, take the order of this court that Emmanuel is placed with me on a trial basis. I was happy to get my son back finally, and my family was overjoyed. In talking with his daycare, I noticed that Emmanuel was overdue for two vaccinations that he would need to be able to matriculate. I immediately called the caseworker. She did not return my call, and so I went to the state health department. They checked Emmanuel’s records in the health care system and confirmed that Emmanuel was missing the two vaccinations. And so the missing shots were given to Emmanuel. The next day the caseworker called me, and I informed her what we did. She incorrectly insisted I was wrong and that she would have to bring this to the judge’s attention immediately. Frustrated with the caseworker’s attitude, I said I would like to talk to the judge as well.

The next morning I received a text message from the caseworker stating that I had to be in court at 9 a.m. I told her I was already working, and there was no way to get to court on about an hour’s notice. Apparently, she came before this court that morning and said I could not attend that day and misrepresented to the court that I would not be able to attend on any day. That is not true. Based upon the caseworker’s misrepresentation that I had somehow arranged for Emmanuel to have two vaccinations that had already been given to him, the court revoked Emmanuel’s trial placement immediately with me. Had the court known what actually occurred, I’m confident it would not have taken this action.

Since that court date, a family planning meeting was held and attended by the prosecutor, the casework and other CPS representatives. It was concluded that the caseworker should not have gone to court and that a family planning conference should have taken place instead. Not only was it acknowledged that the caseworker acted inappropriately, but it was also concluded that I should get custody of the boys. Over the months, I have attended many CPS meetings and have also completed every single parenting plan seminar required. I have certificates of completion for all of them. And yet, they appear to mean nothing to the caseworker.

Despite the fact coronavirus has disrupted the court proceedings and made things peculiar, I have been denied a father’s right of having access to his children by the inappropriate actions of the caseworker. I would like you to administer justice by allowing our family to be reunited. Find attached evidence on:

  1. The therapist’s report that the boys should be together.
  2. The caseworker’s alteration of the vaccination records to support her claims that Emmanuel was vaccinated.

These prolonged proceedings are causing emotional trauma to my kids, my mother, and our family. This coming Sunday is Father’s Day. Surely it is the best interests of my kids to spend the day with me, their dad. It makes no sense, and I respectfully urge the court to break this logjam, expedite the hearings and arrange for our family’s reunification.

Thank you for considering this request. 

Kind regards,



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