Letter of Pardon- Christine Michelcic

February 5, 2023

Christine Michelcic

5403 Kirkshire Lane

Spring Hill, FL 34609



October 1, 2021


South Carolina Board of Pardons

Paroles, Pardons and Rehabilitative Services

P.O. Box 207 Columbia, SC 29202


RE: Letter of Christine Michelcic in Support of Her request for pardon/clemency




My name is Christine Michelcic. This letter serves as my humble request for pardon/clemency.


I have been charged severally for various offenses. I request that these charges be sealed from the public. On or about October 5, 2016, I was charged with over-speeding; on or about March 22, 2017, I was charged for shoplifting; on or about June 7, 2017, I was charged with driving on the wrong side of the road; or about October 11, 2017, I was charged with being drunk in public; on or about April 4, 2019, I was charged with possession of controlled substances and was sentenced to six months; on or about August 22, 2017, I was charged with shoplifting; on or about February 4 and 5, 2019, I was charged with violating Drug Distribution law. 


I write this letter with utmost remorse. I am ashamed that I am now branded as a convicted criminal. It hits me so hard because I always hoped I become a responsible, respectful, and law-abiding citizen since my childhood. I have never imagined that I could be on the wrong side of the law at any time in my life. 


I have been addicted to Xanax, which impaired my judgment and caused me to commit the offenses. The bad choices I made in my past life have tainted my character. There is no excuse for my conduct. Had I chance to rewind time, I would have done things differently. I am fully determined to make everything right again.


I have made strides for growth towards self-improvement. In that regard, I enrolled into a rehabilitation program to help deal with my addiction. Also, it is worth noting that on June 10, 2021, I attended and completed the Hernando County, FL Drug Court Program. Besides, I receive monthly treatment from Baycare drug court therapist. I also attend the 4 Narcotics Anonymous meetings every week. I have decided to further my education by pursuing my Master’s Degree.   


Before my life took a turn for the worst, I was a teacher and did receive my Bachelor’s degree. This shows that I had an ambitious future and that I have the ability to make good choices. I derive much joy in being with children and nurturing them to the fulfillment of their dreams. Therefore, a second chance would mean a new lease of life for me. I have always dreamt to be a teacher. Granting me my request herein would give me an opportunity to pursue my dream. Throughout my dark past, one important lesson I have learned is that life is too precious. For that reason, I have learnt that I need to look for healthy alternatives to express myself and have fun. I am fully convinced that expressing my feelings through therapy and healthy conversations go a long way in keeping me safe from substance abuse. In light of the foregoing, I request for clemency/pardon. I am hopeful that when granted my request, I will keep up my newly found path of responsible living.  


Thank you for your consideration of this matter. I am looking forward to your positive response. 


Yours sincerely,



Christine Michelcic

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