The purpose of this Letter of Intent (“Letter”) is to request your sponsorship or co-sponsorship of a Bill of Parliament I intend to introduce to congress. I request the Bill be introduced to the House of Representatives, and that the attorneys in the Legislative Counsel’s office draft the bill in the proper legal language. The Bill seeks to address Public Health and Security.

I shall set forth the proposal in the following format. First, I shall state the objective of the Bill. After that, I shall highlight the problem the Bill seeks to address. Next, I shall discuss, through a case study, of how people have been affected by the said problem. Lastly, I shall state the goals of the Bill and possible consequences of delay if the Bill is not legislated upon and passed.

  1. Objective of the Bill

This Bill seeks to mitigate the effects of public health issues on the security of the United States. Most notably, the Bill will ensure the fostering of Constitutional Liberties & Amendment Rights with regards to ensuring that the security of American citizens is protected from public health crises. In a nutshell, the Bill seeks to protect the U.S.  economy, its social stability, the legitimacy and authority of its government, as well as the strength and capability of its internal and external defenses, from the effects of Public Health issues.

  1. Problem Statement

Public health crises may affect the country’s security in various ways. For instance, (1) a public health emergency can exert enormous pressure on both the micro and macro levels of a country’s economy; (2) public health emergencies can lead to social disruption; (3) a government may become destabilized by a health crisis; and (4) a public health disaster can severely affect national defense forces.

With regard to their impact on the micro economic level of the country, public health crises affect worker availability and productivity, consumer spending, costs to firms, and domestic spending of governments. Concerning their impacts on the macro economic level, public health crises affect foreign investment, leading to decreased GDP levels. Public health crises also lead to social unrest when the members of the society challenge the government’s handling of the crises. Interestingly, without public health, the goals of the government regarding achievement of national goals would be hampered. This may give rise to political instability and upheaval. Lastly, public health crises lead to a direct loss of people. Such loss amounts to a serious blow to the defense forces since there will be fewer suitable military recruits and, ultimately, the quality of military leadership will suffer.

  1. Case Study: The COVID-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is an example of a Public Health crisis that has hit the society quite hard. It has been referred by some as the greatest Public Health Crisis in America in 100 years. The United States, like many other countries globally, may have been unprepared for a public health crisis of such magnitude.

Covid-19 triggered a massive spike in firearms and ammunition sales. This increase was evidenced by the heightened activity of the National Instant Criminal Background Checks System (NICS), which was working to keep up with the demand. The FBI tallied a new high of 21 million background checks over the year 2020. That was an increase of 26% over the 2016 record of 15.7 million. The increased gun sales were as a result of economic and political instability, which were caused by Covid-19.

Next, Covid-19 also affected both the macro and micro economic levels of the U.S. economy. Notably, the record-long United States economic expansion came to an end as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people lost their jobs as many businesses closed or downsized during the lockdowns. However, although the U.S. government expedited the economic policy response to the pandemic, the pandemic’s impact on the economy cannot go unnoticed.

Covid-19 is also be associated with some of the political instability that was witnessed in the U.S. before the elections. A Pew Research Center study conducted around March 2020 found deep divisions between Democrats and Republicans, with 59% of Democrats – and 33% of Republicans – calling the virus a major threat to U.S. health, even though medical experts and epidemiologists had warned that the virus could affect many millions of Americans, regardless of political party or state. Ultimately, Covid-19 played a major role in this year’s election politics.

  1. Goal of the Bill

The Bill seeks to make health promotion and disease prevention a national security issue, by increasing response mechanisms during Public Health crises.

  • Consequences if this Bill is not passed.

If this Bill is not passed, American citizens will stand to suffer in the event of Public Health Crises. Their fundamental rights would be violated since the government would not be in a position to guarantee their safety. Accordingly, I humbly request you treat this Bill proposal with utmost urgency.

Thank you for your attention,

Yours Faithfully,



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