This is to we have gone through documents presented to us by Zelimir Vukovic and
hereby confirm that that Zelimir Vukovic is directly affiliated with Goli Vis LLC. Zelimir
Vukonic is the letigimate owner of the Goli Vis LLC Company and of his brand, Bozur.
Zelimir Vukovic is the legal owner of Goli Vis LLC of 30 N Gould St. Sten, Austria. ( as
attached in Figure 1 below), Zelimir Vukovic is the individual owner of the Brand
registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina ( as attached in figure 3 below). The attachments
also include a GTIN Certificate with barcodes used on amazon. The proof of affiliation is
further verified by the documents attached below.
Figure 1: GTIN Certificate with the barcodes

Figure 2: Proof of Company Ownership

Figure 3: Proof of brand affiliation.

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