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Your Honor,

My name is [Insert Full Name], and I’m sending this letter on behalf of [Name of Church]. The church is the plaintiff in case no. [Insert Number] before your honorable court. I am writing to request you to allow the reopening of the case which was dismissed without prejudice.

The clerk of the court stated that I should call so I could receive instructions in regard to the petition. I called but the court clerk was not available. I was informed that she would call me back but she never did. I tried following up to no avail. The case was later dismissed without prejudice.

The church has a strong case against the defendant and would like to go to trial to obtain relief against the defendant. I made good faith attempts to reach the clerk of the court to give me instructions in regard to filing but she was not available. Had she been available, documents would have been filed correctly and the case would not have been dismissed.

Dismissal with prejudice means that the case can be reopened with leave of the court. I respectfully request you to issue an order granting leave to reopen case no. [Insert Number]. If leave is granted by this court, filing of all documents shall be done in accordance with rules of procedure.

Yours Sincerely,


Insert Your Full Name

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