Legal Opinion on Complaint

Legal Opinion on Complaint

The complaint will contain some sections. The first one is the parties’ section. These are people who you’d like to be included in the complaint. I will need you to send me the names and addresses of the people you’d like to include in the complaint. Remember to include your contact information as well as address. those details should be on the complaint to enable the parties to contact you.

The second is the jurisdiction and venue section. This is the jurisdiction of the court where you will be filing your complaint. Please send me the address of the court where you’ll be filing the complaint and I’ll add in the legal statement.

The third is the statement of facts. You’ve sent me the screenshots of what happened. Unfortunately, there are no dates. Please include the dates when those events happened. They will add the chronological flow to the complaint.

The fourth is the section of causes of action and finally, the fifth section will contain the prayer for relief. I’ll be able to draft the causes of action and the prayer for relief.

Please send me the information I have requested above and I’ll draft the complaint for you as promptly as possible.

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