December 13, 2023

May 27, 2022
Africunia Incorporated
2 nd Floor, 17 King Edwards Road,
London Ha4 7ae,
United Kingdom
Dear Sirs/Madam
We are acting as legal advisors for Africunia Incorporated in connection with the
Company and the business plan.
1. Documents Examined.
For this Opinion, we have examined the Certificate of incorporation and the business
2. Due Diligence.
For this letter, we have carried out a search at the Registrar of Companies regarding
Africunia Incorporated.
3. Assumptions.
In considering this Opinion, we have presumed that all documents submitted to us
are authentic and complete, and all signatures are genuine.
4. Opinion.
Based on the foregoing, and subject to the reservation set out below, we are of the
opinion that; –
i. Africunia Incorporated is validly in existence, is a duly incorporated company
in the UK, Canada, Nigeria, and Zambia, and is in good standing under the
laws of the above countries.
ii. Africunia Incorporated has the authority to carry on banking, financial, Fintech,
exchange, and cryptocurrencies businesses in the UK, Canada, Nigeria, and
Zambia jurisdictions.

iii. Africunia Incorporated, through its agents, has the authority to carry out
funding transaction, which authority is issued in the governing documents,
and the governance procedures necessary to carry out such transaction has
been completed.
iv. Africunia Incorporated validly issues shares to the investors under the
applicable corporate law.
v. Africunia Incorporated is in complete compliance with the laws of the UK,
Canada, Nigeria, and Zambia in connection with the financial transactions,
cryptocurrency transactions, and enforceability of the transaction agreements,
which are in the required standard by law.
vi. Representations made by Africunia Incorporated regarding the capital
structure and the total capitalization are accurate.
vii. The shares sold in the transaction by Africunia Incorporated have been
appropriately issued pursuant to state law and corporate governance
viii. Africunia Incorporated has obtained all the necessary permits and licenses to
ensure that the transaction complies with the law, the Company’s charter, and
ix. The individuals acting on behalf of the Africunia incorporated are duly
authorized. The individuals executing the documents on behalf of Africunia
Incorporated have the authority to do so and effectively bind the Company in
the subject transaction.
x. Any stated transaction does not conflict with state or government laws and
meets all the required government approvals.
xi. Africunia Incorporated is exempted from registration under federal and state
securities laws.
xii. All litigation matters initiated by, contemplated by, initiated against, or
threatened against Africunia Incorporated have been disclosed.
xiii. AFCASH token is not a security token for regulatory authorities.
xiv. AFCASH digital assets issued for the initial coin offering (ICO) on
public platforms are verified and complete.
xv. Activities of transferring funds to and from accounts of customers and
authorized persons are above board and legal.
5. Reservations.
We have the following reservation; –

i. We express no opinion in this letter as to the validity, binding effect, or
enforceability of the rights or obligations of Africunia Incorporated; and
6. Benefit of Opinion.
This Opinion is provided to Africunia Incorporated and may be relied on by them to
assure potential investors.
No recipient may disclose this Opinion to any other person or quote or refer to it in
any public document or file it with any person without our prior written consent in
each case.
Yours faithfully,

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