Legal Opinion

The first thing to do would be to report the identity theft to the police, if you have not yet
done that. The documents being referenced to are the invoices and receipts of payments
made in your pursuit of the matter. Is there something that you can use to reveal the
identity of the identity thief? For instance, the plate number of the truck that was
involved in a crash, leading to U-Haul bills sent to you. The plate number can be traced
to the person or company that owns the truck. Kindly send over the bank statements
showing the charges of the credit monitoring services. It will be imperative to ensure
that you compile all documentation you have in your possession to prove that you spent
money in regard to the settlement. Compile all figures spent in your documentation, and
that should form the claim amount. Ensure that all documentation has your name on it.
If the documentation is in someone else’s name, you will have to elaborate how the other
person went about obtaining the settlement. For every document, you will have to
elaborate how each document pertains to the settlement.

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