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ISYS 691:Legal Aspects of Privacy and Compliance

July 4, 2021

Week 1–Privacy Policy


This is a website that majorly specializes in aerospace, defense, and information security. The privacy policy attached to this website applies each time you use our website to access information from our parent company or subsidiaries.  In this privacy policy, we have critically analyzed and listed issues affecting our website privacy policy to help you understand our scope; here are the areas covered.

  • What type of data does our website collect?
  • The relevance of the data collected and how the data is used on our website
  • Specific considerations and guidelines relating to the privacy policy
  • Legal concerns affecting the website’s privacy policy and the users whose information is collected in the process
  • Storage and security procedures have also been adequately included in this privacy policy.

Type of data collected

This website collects information directly from you, which includes the information you freely give to our website. The data collected by this website include your name, date of birth, contact details, including your telephone number and email address.

The following are the methods we use to access information from you:

Collecting information the information you (client) give to us

Under this form of data collection, we use the information given to us through your contact details, the content, and the type of customer service that you request or initiate from our website regarding aerospace, defense, and information security. Zaeem ad Barber argue that reviews and interactions on website significantly helps in data collection (Zaeem and Barber 2017). For instance, your input and contribution in our areas directly give us information about you.

Secondly, we collect information and data automatically.

Our website is endowed with a variety of servers that assist our running of the website. Consequently, any time you access or conduct any activity on our website, we will automatically collect information regarding the activity/ies you perform on the website. Through the help of other technology tracking systems, data usage, and geographical location on your device, either your mobile phone or computer, we may be able to collect information about you and your activities on the website.

Thirdly, we may collect your information from other sources

Other technology sources and websites may contribute to the already existing information about you to our website. This may occur we realize you may subscribe to one website

The relevance of the information collected

The information we collect enables us to improve our aerospace, defense, and information science services. Additionally, your personal information helps us know the form and method by addressing the questions and issues that you may raise regarding our services and website. Venkataramanan and Shriram state that the personal information provided by a client enables the client to quickly access the website and gather information from our website free from hindrances (Venkataramanan and Shriram, 2016). We also use your personal information to provide support to you as you use the website. Lastly, we use the information to comply with the legal requirements put in place on website operation and management.

Specific consideration regarding Aerospace Defense and Information Security

This industry is full of highly sensitive data because this industry is directly tied to our nation’s security and well-being. The information on this website is highly classified due to its nature. The mode of transmission of this information is therefore very qualified to ensure that the peace and security of the country are not compromised. Therefore, the data collected by our company’s website is aimed at keeping records of the users and of what significance is the information gathered from our website helpful to you. This enables us to work hand in hand in the promotion of security in this serious area.

Legal considerations

We listed compliance with legal considerations as one of the uses and relevance of collecting data from you.  Graham and Denning argue that the background of a company’s legal compliance is that the company relies on the government and other law enforcement agencies to facilitate peace-keeping missions (Graham and Denning, 1972). Where this company deems it fit, we might share your personal information, including your past activity on the website, with the police or other law enforcement agencies to aid a legal process. This company may also assist the agencies with an investigation concerning fraud or a crime. Compliance with legal considerations also includes reporting any security concern to protect and prevent the occurrence of a crime.

Storage and security procedures of the information shared

As a general policy on storage, this website does not share your personal opinion with third parties. Therefore, your personal information is safe with us and shall not be shared with others without your express authorization or consent. However, we can share the information you provide with our parent and subsidiary entities to advance the objectives stated in the relevance and usage of the data collected. Additionally, as a general rule, the merger and acquisition of companies involve sharing of data within the newly formed company. Therefore, your information will be shared in the company internally for internal use. Regardless of the country you access our website, your information will be subject only to the laws of the United States of America.

On security, our company will employ all safeguards within its reach to secure your personal information. However, as our client, it is essential to note that you bear the most significant responsibility in securing your personal information since our website may be prone to malicious attacks, which may be detrimental to your information. Therefore, you share your personal information at your own risk.


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Razieh Nokhbeh Zaeem & K. Suzanne Barber (2017) A study of web privacy policies across industries, Journal of Information Privacy and Security, 13:4, 169-185.

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