THIS LEASE AGREEMENT is made on 14/01/2021 by Maniraguha Jean Pierre of _____________________________________address, Telephone Number 07884553651  hereinafter called “the Landlord” and Ema Jaquet Gasamagera of _____________________________________address, Telephone Number 0787523339 and Michelle Madeleine Malnasi of _____________________________________address, Telephone Number 0787999017 hereinafter called “the Tenants”. Landlord and Tenant collectively referred to as the “Parties” or individually as the “Party”) and includes that Party’s successors and assigns.

Each reference to “Tenant” shall apply to each of them, jointly and severally. Each Tenant is jointly and severally liable to the landlord for payment of rent and performance in accordance with all other terms of this agreement.

1. The Landlord being the registered owner of House Number————————— (hereinafter called “the Premises”), agrees to let the said Premises to the Tenants from 14/01/2021, and the tenant agrees to lease from the Landlord according to the terms and conditions set forth herein. 

  1. Monthly payment of 90 000 Rwandan francs (RWF) starting on 16/01/2021 with a pre-payment of 5 months rent, a total of 450 000 Rwandan francs (RWF). The rent shall fall due on or before the _________day of the month in respect of which the rent is payable. 
  1. The above monthly figure includes services to cover cleaning services, detergents, cleaning materials, and security.
  1. A refundable deposit of Rwandan francs (RWF) ——————————————– will be paid on taking occupancy of the House to be refunded at the end of the lease agreement.
  1. The Tenant may terminate this agreement at any time and without notice but the Landlord shall only terminate this agreement after serving the Tenants with a written 15 days notice.
  1. The Landlord will provide water to a maximum amount of 2500 RWF every month.


  •  Pay the rent hereinbefore reserved at times and in the manner aforesaid;
  •  Pay for all electricity in respect of the Premises;
  • Pay for a 3rd of the total amount of the water bill if the bill is above 10 000 RWF;
  • Make an extra payment equivalent to monthly rent for repairs and renovations after the termination of this agreement;
  • To keep the interior of the Premises, including all doors, windows, floors, walls, roofs, and other interior parts ceilings, electrical, sanitary, and water apparatus fittings clean and in good and tenantable repair and condition;
  • To keep such parts of the Premises in a clean and tidy condition;
  •  To repair or replace with new articles of the same kind and quality any fixtures or fittings (other than Tenants’ fittings) upon the Premises which shall have been damaged or removed or become worn out or unfit for use otherwise than from fair wear and tear and damage by fire, subsidence, civil commotion, riots, earthquakes and acts of God;
  • To comply with all legislation, regulation, rules, or direction as the same shall affect the Premises and should be complied with by the Tenants under the terms hereof and under or by their occupation on the Premises;
  • Not to make or permit any assignment transfer charge underletting or parting with possession, use, or occupation of the Premises or any part thereof or permit any person to occupy the same as a licensee without the prior written consent of the Landlord;
  • That the Premises or any part thereof shall not be used for any purpose other than as a dwelling house;
  • That no alteration or addition shall be made to the Premises without the previous consent in writing of the Landlord PROVIDED that the Landlord may on giving such consent require the Tenants to enter into such covenants as the Landlord may require concerning the execution of any alteration or addition to the Premises and reinstatement of the same;
  • At the expiration or sooner determination of the said term hereby created peaceably and quietly to yield up the Premises in good and tenable state of the repair order and condition as was at the commencement of the term hereby created (reasonable wear and tear is accepted); and 
  •  To permit the Landlord or any persons authorized by him after giving reasonable notice (or at least every ————– month) to enter upon the Premises:-

(i) For the purpose of carrying out thereon and affecting any repairs to the Premises for which the Landlord may be liable under the Landlord’s covenant in that behalf hereinafter contained or which the Landlord may consider being necessary and also on or to any adjoining premises now or hereafter belonging to the Landlord;

(ii) to view the condition of the Premises and give notice in writing to the Tenants of all want of reparation for which Tenants is liable AND within Fourteen (14) days next after every such notice (or immediately in case of need) the Tenants shall make good all such wants of reparation, and in default, thereof shall permit the Landlord to execute the necessary work and the cost of which shall be paid to the Landlord by the Tenants on demand;

IN WITNESS whereof this Lease Agreement has been duly executed day and year first hereinbefore written.

SIGNED by the Landlord ——————————————             Date ______________________

in the presence of:- )

WITNESS ) _____________________________       Date ______________________

SIGNED by the Tenants )

in the presence of:- )          _____________________              Date _______________________

WITNESS )                            ___________________________         Date ______________________

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