September 5, 2023


THIS LEASE AGREEMENT is made on ________________ date (herein “Effective Date”) by
_____________________________of _____________________________________address, hereinafter
called “the Landlord” and ___________________of
_____________________________________address hereinafter called “the Tenant”. Landlord and
Tenant collectively referred to as the “Parties” or individually as the “Party”) and includes that Party’s
successors and assigns.
In consideration of covenants and agreements contained in this Agreement, and other good and valuable
consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, Parties agree to the following terms and
conditions and to be bound thereby:
1. The Landlord being the registered owner of ______________________ located at
____________________, (hereinafter called "the Premises"), agrees to let the said Premises to the
Tenants from the Effective Date for a period of one year, (hereinafter called "the Term"), and the Tenant
agrees to lease from the Landlord according to the terms and conditions set forth herein.
i. Rent. The Base Rent for each Lease Year shall be payable in monthly installments, due on the
first day of each calendar month, in advance, in legal tender of the United States of America,
without abatement, demand, deduction or offset whatsoever, except as may be expressly provided
in this Lease. One full monthly installment of Base Rent shall be due and payable on the date of
execution of this Lease by Tenant for the first month’s Base Rent and a like monthly installment
of Base Rent shall be due and payable on or before the first day of each calendar month following
the Commencement Date during the Term hereof; provided, that if the Commencement Date
should be a date other than the first day of a calendar month, the monthly Base Rent installment
paid on the date of execution of this Lease by Tenant shall be prorated to that partial calendar
month, and the excess shall be applied as a credit against the next monthly Base Rent installment.
Tenant shall pay, as Additional Rent, all other sums due from Tenant under this Lease
i. Late Fee. If the tenant fails to make a payment of rent before the 3rd day from the rent due date,
it is a violation of the lease, however the tenant will not incur a late fee. Failure to make payment
of rent by the 5th day past the due date will result in a late fee charge of 3.5% of the total rent
added on to the base rent. If rent becomes 15 days past due, the late fee will increase to 7% of the
total rent added on to the base rent. Any dishonored checks or failed electronic payments shall be
treated as unpaid rent and may be subject to an additional fee of $20.
ii. Security Deposit. The security deposit minus any deductions shall be returned to the party who is
initially responsible for the payment of the security deposit no later than 30 days after the
premises has been completely vacated. Deductions include: (a) unpaid dues; (b) cleaning cost; (c)
key replacement (d) pets (e) cost for repair of damages to premises above ordinary wear and tear
(f) any other amount legally allowable under the terms of this agreement. If deposits do not cover
costs and damages, the persons binding to this agreement shall pay additional charges.
iii. Occupancy. [1] Occupancy shall be no more than allowed by applicable housing codes and
zoning ordinances and shall be limited to 2 persons per bedroom. [2] Any persons constantly
receiving mail or staying over 14 days in a 30-day cycle shall be considered a resident by the
landlord and must be added to the lease agreement. The landlord is under no obligation to add
another individual onto the lease past the original lease date.
iv. Subletting. Tenant may only sublease part of the premises. Tenant is responsible to ensure
sublessee are aware of all rules they must follow outlined in this lease agreement. The tenant may
add rules to this agreement but shall not exclude any rules. The tenant is responsible for all
actions and damages caused by sublessee. The landlord shall not be held liable for sublessee and

tenant disputes
v. Possession. Tenant has examined the condition of the Premises and by taking possession
acknowledges that they have accepted the Premises in good order and in its current condition.
vi. Access. At the start of the Lease Term, whichever is earlier, the Landlord agrees to give access to
the Tenant in the form of keys, fobs, cards, or any type of keyless security entry as needed to
enter the common areas and the Premises. Duplicate copies of the access provided may only be
authorized under the consent of the Landlord and, if any replacements are needed, the Landlord
may provide them for a fee. At the end of this Agreement all access provided to the Tenant shall
be returned to the Landlord or a fee will be charged to the Tenant or the fee will be subtracted
from the Security Deposit.
vii. Utilities. Water, electricity, garbage, internet, cable, and other services supplied to the premises
are the responsibility of the tenant. Services must be transferred in the tenant’s name prior to
moving into the property. Failure to do so may result in delayed move-in date or forfeiture of
property. The landlord is not responsible for instances when utility supply outages occur due to
external factors of the property (i.e., a power outage because bad weather OR water shut off
because maintenance is being performed). If a system is not functioning properly, especially
when suitable living conditions are not ideal, the tenant will notify the landlord immediately in
order to fix any issues.
viii. Alteration. The tenant has the right to decorate the property but such decorations or alterations
may not alter the original condition of the property or alter the appearance once the personal
property is removed. The tenant may not [a] remove a fixture from the property [b] affix person
property [c] paint, hang wall paper, utilize screws/destructive adhesives/ large nails that damage
the property without the written consent of the landlord. exceptions may be provided by law.
ix. Maintenance
1.1 Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance
Lessee covenants and agrees to keep and maintain in good order, appearance, condition and
repair the interior and exterior of the Leased Premises during the term of the Lease, or
any renewal terms. The maintenance responsibility of the tenant includes but is not limited to: [1]
overall cleanliness [b] proper disposal of all garbage and waste in a clean and sanitary manner
into the proper receptacles while being responsible for disposing items of such size and nature not
normally accepted by garbage hauler. [c] clearing gutters and lawn of leaves or other debris [2]
basic plumbing servicing [a] ensuring sink, laundry, and tub drains are cleared of stoppage [b]
prevent water pipe damage by leaving a steady drip from water supply fixtures during freezing
temperatures [c] Unclogging toilets unless tenant suspects there is an underlying issue with the
plumbing. In such a case will contact the Landlord or a professional plumber to inspect the
Upon request of the tenant, the landlord will provide scheduled maintenance request such as [a]
supply and replacement of HVAC filters every forty-five (45) days or as necessary; [b] supply
and replacement of smoke detectors every 10 years from service date or as required; smoke
detector batteries every six (6) months; and issued fire extinguishers every ten (10) years from
service date or as required. [c] clearing lint of exterior drier vent every six (6) months [d]
applying caulk to tubs, sinks, and toilets as required [e] Spraying of pests every three (6) months,
but reserves the right to have the tenant hire a professional exterminator in the case of a pest
problem exceeding normalcy or is causing a health risk to the occupants of the property. Areas of
the property may be avoided from spray if in the landlord’s judgement is considered a risk (i.e.
around infants or young children, if the occupant is not present inside the home, personal
belongings are an obstruction, etc.). If the tenant declines any services offered by the landlord, the
tenant assumes responsibility of the maintenance and servicing unless the landlord is required to
perform specific maintenance by law. Furthermore, the tenant agrees that the Landlord shall be

under no obligation to pay for maintenance expenses caused by destruction or neglect and may
require the tenant pay for repairs, inspections, or damages. If a third party is scheduled to arrive at
the premises for repairs or maintenance and cancels due to the tenant not being available, any
charges from the third party are the responsibility of the tenant.
x. Vehicles. [1] Parking. Tenants and guest are allowed to park in the garage, on the driveway, but
shall not: (a) park on the grass; (b) park within fifteen (15) feet from the fire hydrant or thirty (30)
feet from the stop sign as this is a violation of the law and tenant may be subject to fines by local
authorities; (c) block sidewalks intersecting the driveway. (d) park a camper or vehicle weighing
more than 8,000 pounds. [2] Vehicle maintenance. The Resident is responsible for all damages or
stains cause by vehicles parked at the property (i.e. concrete cracking from vehicle jacks, fluid
leaks, tire marks, electrical failures, etc.)
xi. Pets. The Tenant(s) is not allowed to have or temporarily keep any animal on the Premises
without the written permission of the Landlord. There will be a $_______ fine for any
unauthorized pets on the premises. In order to have an animal, written permission must be granted
by the landlord. The maximum number of pets allowed on the premises is _____. Each animal
requires a pet application and a non-refundable $____ pet fee must be paid. However, If the pet
application is declined by the landlord, the pet fee shall be returned to the tenant no later than 30
days from the submission of the application. The tenant assumes full responsibility for all pets.
This includes but not limited to: damages, defleaing, deodorization, injuries caused by failing to
control pet, fines, disruption, clean up, care for the pet. When maintenance is being performed on
the premises by the landlord or a third-party service, all pets must be secured prior to the arrival
of landlord or third party. If a pet becomes a problem in the sole opinion of the landlord, the
landlord reserves the right to require a pet be removed from the property given a 30-day notice.
xii. Service Animals. If a tenant requires to have a service/support animal, this service may be
requested at any time. An application and all the appropriate paperwork must be submitted. The
tenant is 100% responsible for the pet, this includes but not limited to: damages, defleaing,
deodorization, injuries caused by pet, fines, disruption, clean up, care for the pet. Pets must be
secure when landlord or a third party is performing maintenance on the premise. If a pet becomes:
disruptive, destructive, violent, handled improperly, or neglected, the landlord reserves the right
to require a pet be removed from the property given a 30-day notice.
xiii. Liquid filled furnishings. No liquid filled furniture, receptacle containing more than twenty
gallons of liquid is not permitted without prior written consent of Landlord.
xiv. Landlord’s Access. [1] Emergencies. Landlord and personnel authorized by landlord shall have
the right to enter the Leased Premises at any time during emergencies (Landlord agrees to use
reasonable efforts to notify Tenant of any such emergency).
[2] Normal Circumstances. At all reasonable times with prior 24 hour notice to the Tenant, the
Landlord and authorized personnel shall have the right to enter on or in the property for any of the
following purposes: (a) to determine whether the Leased Premises are in good condition and
whether Tenant is complying with its obligations under this Lease; (b) to do any necessary
maintenance and to make such repairs, alterations, improvements or additions in or to the Leased
Premises as Landlord has the right or obligation to perform under this Lease, as Landlord may be
required to do or make by law, or as Landlord may from time to time deem necessary or
desirable; (c) The suspicion of illegal activity (d) to exhibit the Leased Premises to prospective
tenants during the last three (3) months of the term of this Lease or during any period while
Tenant is in default under this Lease; and (e) to show the Leased Premises to prospective lenders,
brokers, agents, buyers or persons interested in an exchange, at any time during the term of this
Lease; provided, however, in no event shall Landlord’s entry into the Leased Premises for any
reason other than an emergency unreasonably interfere with Tenant’s use of the Leased Premises
or disturb the normal operations of Tenant’s business. If, at any time during the last month of the
Term of this Lease, Tenant shall have removed all of Tenant’s property from all or any portion(s)

of the Leased Premises, Landlord may, with Tenant’s prior consent which consent shall not be
unreasonably withheld or delayed (except that no consent shall be required if Tenant is in default
under this Lease) immediately enter and alter, renovate and decorate the same, and such acts shall
have no effect upon Tenant’s remaining obligations and covenants under this.
xv. Indemnification. The Landlord shall not be liable for any damage or injury to the Tenant, or any
other person, or to any property, occurring on the Premises, or any part thereof, or in common
areas thereof, and the Tenant agrees to hold the Landlord harmless from any claims or damages
unless caused solely by the Landlord’s negligence.
xvi. Equal Housing. The Landlord shall provide reasonable modifications to the Premises unless the
modifications would be too difficult or expensive for the Landlord to provide. Any impairment(s)
of the Tenant are encouraged to be provided and presented to the Landlord in writing in order to
seek the most appropriate route for providing the modifications to the Premises.
xvii. Early termination. [1] If any of the rules outlined in this agreement become violated by
the occupants, the landlord has the ability to terminate this agreement by giving a 30-day written
notice to vacate and have the occupants leave the premises. Failure to comply may result in legal
action. If tenant remains on the premises beyond the termination of the lease agreement, the
tenant is responsible for paying dues for the month or additional charges. [2] Early termination by
the tenant will result in rental payment and fees deemed necessary by the landlord which may
either be (a) the tenant becoming responsible for the remaining amount of rent to the lease
termination date (b) the total sum of three (3) months of rent past the vacancy date. [3] Military
members opting for early termination must (a) Show proof of service prior to lease agreement (b)
provide military orders stating deployment or PCS is longer than 90 days.
xviii. Destruction of Premises. If the premises become totally or partially destroyed during the
term of this agreement so the use of the property is seriously impaired or uninhabitable, the
landlord or resident may terminate this agreement immediately upon a three-day written notice
xix. Lease renewal. This lease does not automatically renew. This lease automatically terminates on
the Lease Termination Date. The Tenant may request a lease renewal sixty (60) days prior to lease
termination date. If the request for lease renewal is not given to the landlord thirty (30) days prior
to lease renewal, the landlord assumes the tenant will not renew their lease. If lease renewal is
rejected by the landlord, the tenant shall have their belongings off of the premises by the
termination date. Failure to do so may result in fees and/or appropriate legal action.
xx. Tenant at will. If a tenant does not sign a lease renewal, by law will be considered a “tenant at
will”. The tenant shall adhere to rules set in the last signed lease agreement.
xxi. Prorated Rates. If the tenant occupies the property beyond or before agreed upon date, the tenant
shall pay a daily rate of 5% of the total rent.
xxii. Personal Property. The loss or damage of personal property is not the responsibility of
the landlord. Renters insurance is highly recommended but not required. Personal property left on
the premises by the occupants after vacancy shall be deemed abandon. The Landlord will use
reasonable effort to return the property, after a period of ten (10) days from the day of vacancy,
the removal of the property will be at the discretion of the landlord.
xxiii. Abandon of Premises. if Tenant abandons the Premises, or is dispossessed by process of
law or otherwise for a period extending past a billing cycle, the landlord may terminate the
leasing agreement immediately without a written notice to the tenant and any movable furniture,
equipment, or personal property belonging to Tenant and left in the Premises shall be considered
abandoned property.

xxiv. Written notice. [1] If an action requires a written notice from the landlord, the landlord
will deliver the notice in accordance with the law. [2] If an action requires a written notice from
the tenant, the landlord will accept forms in accordance with the law, in addition to a clear and
concise text message which shall state name, address, and request.
xxv. Joint and severally. Where applicable, the undersigned residents are jointly and
severally responsible and liable for all obligations under this agreement.
xxvi. THE TENANT FURTHER AGREES as follows, :-
● Pay the rent hereinbefore reserved at times and in the manner aforesaid;
● To repair or replace with new articles of the same kind and quality any fixtures or fittings (other
than Tenants’ fittings) upon the Premises which shall have been damaged or removed or become
worn out or unfit for use otherwise than from fair wear and tear and Force Majeure events such as
accidents, civil commotion, riots, and acts of God; If the Premises is deemed uninhabitable due to
damage beyond reasonable repair the Tenant will be able to terminate this Agreement by written
notice to the Landlord. If said damage was due to the negligence of the Tenant, the Tenant shall
be liable to the Landlord for all repairs and for the loss of income due to restoring the Premises
back to a livable condition in addition to any other losses that can be proved by the Landlord.
● To comply with all legislation, regulation, rules, or direction as the same shall affect the Premises
and should be complied with by the Tenants under the terms hereof and under or by their
occupation on the Premises; Rules not mentioned in this lease agreement shall be in accordance
with local law.
● That the Premises or any part thereof shall not be used for any purpose other than as a dwelling
● At the expiration or sooner determination of the said term hereby created peaceably and quietly to
yield up the Premises in good and tenable state of the repair, order and condition as was at the
commencement of the term hereby created (reasonable wear and tear is accepted);
xxvii. General provisions. This Agreement may be amended only by the written consent of the
Parties hereto. If any provision is held to be invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect the
validity or enforceability of any other provision. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement
between the Parties. It supersedes all prior oral or written agreements or understandings between
the Parties concerning the subject matter of this Agreement. The parties will exercise utmost good
faith in this Agreement. Except where otherwise provided, failure by a party to enforce any of
these terms or conditions shall not be a waiver of their right to enforce them. No waiver by a
party of any breach of, or of compliance with, any condition or provision of this Agreement shall
be considered a waiver of any other condition or provision or of the same condition or provision
at another time. This Agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts, each of which
shall be an original and all of which constitute the same instrument. The Article and Section
headings in this Agreement are for convenience, and they form in no part of this Agreement and
shall not affect its interpretation. Whenever used herein, the singular number shall include the
plural, and the plural number shall include the singular. Any references herein to the masculine
gender or the masculine form of any noun, adjective, or possessive shall be construed to include
the feminine or neuter gender and form, and vice versa. The parties agree to settle disputes arising
from this Agreement through litigation. This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the
laws of Savannah, Georgia, and its Courts without regard to its conflict of law provisions.
IN WITNESS whereof this Lease Agreement has been duly executed day and year first hereinbefore
SIGNED by the Landlord —————————————— Date ______________________
in the presence of:- )
WITNESS ) _____________________________ Date ______________________

SIGNED by the Tenant )
in the presence of:- ) _____________________ Date _______________________

WITNESS ) ___________________________ Date ______________________

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