Hi, I hope all is well today. Can you write up a lawsuit complaint for the state of tx? Thank you


Review Info

Reason for Review?
UHS hospital forced me to take drugs Depakote and Risperidone, and I developed Tardive
Dyskinesia as a result. My health deteriorated to the point that my Mom had to set up an
emergency Dr’s appointment and after "breaking me out" of UHS hospital I was driven straight to
the doctor where I was immediately treated. UHS still billed that day.

Documents Included for Review

1 – Mom email setting up emergency Drs appointment after UHS refused to acknowledge or
treat his deteriorating health and symptoms. (See attachment)
2 -Health Care Billing Fraud -Billed for services never rendered and/or up billing coding. (See billing
3 – $20,000 in medical trying to cure (Stemcell therapy, Unique Mind Care, Holistic practioner,
diet) Nothing worked to repair the damage.
4. – UHS 117 million settlement for 18 whistleblower cases involving medically unnecessary
inpatient health services showing a pattern of behavior. (settlement attached)
5 – A list of over 9,000 additional UHS victims from every other UHS hospital telling their story. (See

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