Neo Chin Chuan


Ministry of Law

100 High Street #08-02 The Treasury

Singapore 179434


Attn: Hon. K. Shanmugam, SC

24th May 2021

Dear Hon. Shanmugam,


I refer to the above subject matter.

This letter refers to Tang Boon Hiap, a bankrupt since the year 2003, going around scamming multiple victims to the tune of millions of dollars for over two decades. He has openly misrepresented facts the government authority, the Official Assignee (OA). He has cheated my family and consequently wiped out almost all our savings, approximately a sum of half a million dollars. Despite all his wrong doings, it is saddening that Mr. Hiap is allowed a clean slate by undergoing bankruptcy/insolvency, and discharging himself of all liabilities. I write this letter to bring to your attention the gross violations and offences committed by Tang Boon Hiap and his accomplices.

I became acquainted with Mr. Hiap sometime in February 2018. At the time, he introduced himself to my family and I as “Tang Wee Seng”. He informed us that he was the proprietor of The Star Limo, a business providing executive limousine services and situated at 22, Sin Ming Lane #06-76, Midview City, Singapore-573969. Mr Hiap approached us with a proposal to invest in the business, as the same was thriving and needed to expand. In return for our investment, Mr. Hiap offered that my wife, Chai Yin Wendy, join him as a silent partner in the business, and also promised returns (4-6% fixed monthly returns) from the profits of the business.

In his proposal, Mr. Hiap represented he had trade connections and government projects, including large scale events such as the Formula One championship and the Kim-Trump summit. Mr. Hiap went as far as to present to us a copy of an invoice claiming payment of $369,451 for services allegedly rendered on 13th September 2018 during the Formula One championship test-drive session. Mr. Hiap assured that such events guarantee the growth and success of the business. On our part, we were satisfied with Mr. Hiap’s proposal and likewise proceeded to inject capital into Mr. Hiap’s business. To date, the total amount we have given stands at $432,350.

Following the initial investment, no suspicious activities were seen to occur. Nothing caused us to doubt or question Mr. Hiap or his proposal. However, as time went by, various issues came to light, some of which truly shocked us.

  1. We came into the knowledge that Mr. Hiap is not the rightful owner of The Star Limo. Instead, the business was owned by one Lim Jhek Kim, who happened to be Mr. Hiap’s mother. We also learned that Mr. Hiap is indeed affiliated with the business, but as a manager.
  2. Sometime in January 2021, Mr. Hiap made a payment to us using an account showing his true names as Tang Boon Hiap.
  3. Through various online forums, including sgforums.com and edwintangscam.com, we came into the knowledge that Mr. Hiap’s true name is indeed Tang Boon Hiap. The online forums included photographs of Mr. Hiap that demonstrated the person I was dealing with and the person on the forum are one and the same.
  4. Through edwintangscam.com, we came into the knowledge that Mr. Hiap was adjudged bankrupt in 2002 pursuant to the Insolvency, Restructuring and Desolation Act.
  5. Through the online forums, including sgforums.com and edwintangscam.com, I came into the knowledge that Mr. Hiap is in the habit of cheating unsuspecting victims and obtaining money under false pretences.

Following the above, it became apparent to me that we are victims of Mr. Hiap’s escapades. We confronted Mr. Hiap, who confessed and admitted to us that the facts are indeed true. Nevertheless, he continued to make promises to repay us for the money we had released to him under false knowledge and information. Since 22nd October 2018, Mr. Hiap has made attempts to return our money, but as of 2nd February to date, Mr. Hiap has refused to hold to his promise. He now owes a debt in the amount of $76,789, which amount he has refused to repay.

During the substance of our interaction with Mr. Hiap, he has violated various statutory provisions as follows: –

  • Obtaining credit and engaging in business contrary to Section 412 of the Insolvency, Restructuring and Desolation Act
  • Failure to keep proper accounts of business contrary to Section 413 of the Insolvency, Restructuring and Desolation Act
  • Bankrupt incurring debt without reasonable ground of expectation of being able to pay it contrary to Section 415 of the Insolvency, Restructuring and Desolation Act
  • Cheating pursuant to Section 415 of the Penal Code
  • Cheating by Personation pursuant to Section 416 of the Penal Code

In pursuit of committing the offences, Mr. Hiap was aided by two individuals. They are Mr. Tang Wee Seng and Mrs Lim Jhek Kim.

Mrs. Lim Jhek Kim

Lim Jhek Kim is the rightful proprietor of The Star Limo. She is also the mother to Mr. Hiap and has appointed him as a manager of The Star Limo. Mr. Hiap is known for having a reputation as an unsavoury individual. This information has been known for over two decades as indicated by the dates on various online forums. He is alleged to have obtained money under false pretences from other individuals. Despite years of this knowledge, Mrs. Kim has not taken any action to reprimand, report or separate Mr. Hiap from the Business, or to illuminate to the public that he is not authorized to bind the business without her prior consent. Instead, Mrs. Kim enabled Mr. Hiap by allowing him to continue to conduct business as a representative of The Star Limo.

Tang Wee Seng

Tang Wee Seng facilitated Mr. Hiap by providing him with the means of obtaining money wrongfully acquired. First, Tang Wee Seng authorized Mr. Hiap to falsely his identity for criminal purposes. Second, he has wrongfully authorised use his bank account and name to receive and transmit monies acquired under false pretences.

Each and every payment was made in favour of Tang Wee Seng. Payments were transmitted in form of cheques, and direct bank transfers to DBS bank account 064-7-003064 registered under the name “Tang Wee Seng”. Mr. Hiap .

Pursuant to banking statutes and regulations, banking transactions shall only be conducted by the account holder or the duly authorized representative of the account holder. Mr. Hiap has at all times confirmed receipt of our payments despite the account being registered under a different name. This leads us to the conclusion that Mr. Hiap and Tang Wee Seng are colluding.

It is my firm belief that Lim Jhek Kim and Tang Wee Seng are accomplices to the offences committed by Tang Boon Hiap. The have each facilitated and enabled violation of the law as follows: –

  • Tang Wee Seng and Lim Jhek Kim are abettors to the commission of criminal acts by Tang Boon Hiap pursuant to Section 108 of the Penal Code.
  • Tang Wee Seng and Lim Jhek Kim have contributed in the doing of a thing pursuant to Section 107 of the Penal.
  • Tang Boon Hiap, Tang Wee Seng and Lim Jhek Kim have engaged in a Criminal Conspiracy pursuant to Section 120A of the Penal Code Cap 224 of the Laws of Singapore.

Mr. Hiap has alleged to have notified the Official Assignee (OA) of the debt owed to us. He has further alleges the Official Assignee has directed the monies owed be repaid in monthly instalments of $100 to $150. Given the history shared with Mr. Hiap as demonstrated in this letter, I am cautious and apprehensive of any information provided by Mr. Hiap. I have received no official communication from the Official Assignee or any other person/entity with the authority of the Official Assignee. I am concerned that Mr. Hiap has taken upon himself to misrepresent your good office and the members that serve the citizens of our great nation.

I therefore address your good office out of concern for general public at large. Mr Hiap has demonstrated total lack of concern for the best interest of those around him and has breached the legal provisions intended to provide him with a clean slate. He has demonstrated a willingness to involve third-parties in order to achieve his unlawful ends. It is therefore my humble wish that in the interest of the public, your good office investigates this matter and delivers justice to the victims of Tang Boon Hiap.

I have enclosed with this letter all the supporting information within my possession for your review and consideration.

I anxiously await your response.

Yours faithfully,

Neo Chin Chuan.

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