This Investment Fund Contract herein referred to as the “Contract” is made and  entered into on _____________________ herein after referred to as the “Effective date”  between _________________________ hereinafter the ”Company,” and 

__________________________ hereinafter referred to as the “investor.” WHEREAS the parties herein have willingly agreed to enter into this Contract to  provide investment as from the date of signing this Contract and for the profits  thereon. 

WHEREAS the Company has an algorithm that focuses solely on cryptocurrency through his Crypto hedge fund that pays out in profit every quarter; and, WHEREAS the Company has a website, in which the investor  will follow up on his investment; 

The parties hereby agree as follows: 

1. Investment

The parties herein agree and acknowledge that the Company only deals with Bitcoin  and Ethereum. 

The investor will remit an initial investment of $ ____________ worth __________  Bitcoins/Ethereum (cancel whichever does not apply) from now on referred to as the  “Investment.” 

The parties agree that the minimum investment is $2,000 (which may change from  time to time). 

2. Benefit. 

The investor shall be paid a profit of a minimum of 3% of the investment after every  quarter. 

The Company shall on Every quarter payout 80%of the profit to the investor. The parties agree that the investor’s initial investment shall remain in the Fund to  continue making the investor money. 

If the investor withdraws the investment in the Fund, which takes ten business days from the date of request, the investor shall receive the investment plus any profits  made so far. 

The Company shall pay himself 20% of the profit from the investment every quarter. 3. Reports.

The Company’s algorithm shall enable the investor to view the progress of their  investment through the website 

4. Confidentiality. 

All the provisions of this Contract and any confidential information must be kept  confidential unless disclosure is required under the process of law.  It is expressly forbidden to disclose or use this information for any purpose beyond  the scope of this Contract or the exceptions set forth above without the Parties’ prior  consent. 

The Parties agree that the confidentiality clause will remain active and in power even  upon withdrawal of the investment and termination of this Contract. 5. Ownership. 

This project is a crypto investment whereby the Company is the owner of the  algorithm who will merely provide investment services to the investor and therefore  has his right of ownership to the algorithm and financial methods used in securing  the investment and making a profit. 

6. Warranties. 

The investor warrants that he shall not institute any claims against the Company arising from his performance under this Contract. 

The Company warrants that it will do everything in its power to protect the  investment. However, the Company shall not be liable for any claims or security  breaches arising from the performance of this Agreement. 

The Company does not guarantee the profit to be made as specified under this  Contract. The algorithm herein makes the guarantee, and the Company will not be  faulted for lack of accuracy (if any). 

The Company warrants that he will not take any fees or cuts from the investor’s  investment. 

The Company does not guarantee the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum at any time. 7. Withdrawal Process. 

The parties herein agree that if the investor wishes to withdraw their investment, the  investor shall request for the withdrawal in writing and send it to the Company through the provided email address.

The Company shall make good on the investor’s request after ten days from the date  of receipt of the request. 

8. Investment Risk. 

The investor represents and acknowledges that the investment herein is subject to loss  or profit, which depends on the market. The Company shall not be responsible for any  of the losses incurred. 

The investor herein acknowledges that the expected level of risk of their investment  is; – 

• Mild Risk. [ ] 

• Moderate Risk. [ ] 

• High Risk. [ ] 

9. Entire Agreement. 

This Agreement provides the parties’ entire understanding concerning the subject  matter herein and supersedes all previous agreements (oral and written) or  negotiations.  

10. Headings. 

The headings of this Contract are for mere convenience and shall not affect the  meaning or construction of any provision hereof.  

11. Amendments. 

Any changes or amendments to the terms of this Contract must be in writing and  signed by both parties. 

12. Choice of Law. 

This Contract in entirety shall be governed by the Laws of ____________ . 13. Waiver. 

The waiver by any party for a breach of any covenant or provision in this Contract  shall not operate or be construed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach by either  party. 

14. Severability. 

If a provision of this Contract is declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to be  invalid or unenforceable for any reason, in that case, the provision shall be severed  from the Contract, and the other provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

15. Counterparts

This Contract may be executed in counterparts, all of which will constitute the same  instrument and be an original. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties herein have executed this Contract;- 

Signed by _____________________________  Signature: ____________________  Date: ________________________  Email Address: _________________ 

Signed by __________________________ Signature: _____________________ Date: _________________________ Email Address: _________________

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