This Independent Contractor Agreement (this  "Agreement") is made 29th of August, 2022, (the “Effective
Date”) by and between (Company Name) located at (Address) (“Client”) and Dinara located at
(“Independent Contractor”). Client and Independent Contractor may each be referred to in this Agreement
as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties.”
1. Services. The Independent Contractor shall provide virtual assistance in administrative tasks related to
design and marketing (hereinafter the “Services”) on Kaplankaya Marketing Materials (hereinafter the
“Project”).  The Services shall be provided professionally and per industry standards.
The Project’s scope will entail:
a) Project management: talking to the client, making a schedule, keeping the work organized, and
making sure it gets done on time.
b) Direction of the creation. Making mood boards for the product photoshoot’s art direction. Once a
direction is chosen, photoshoots can be set up. The client will pay for the costs of the photoshoot.
c) Consulting on website design. We will give advice on how to change the current design of the
website so that it fits with the brand’s identity, strategy, and the user’s experience.
These are the things that make up Kaplankaya’s marketing materials:
1) Kaplankaya Marketing Brochure (around 80 – 100 pages) . It identifies structure, puts text and
pictures in order, and has the curated work of the designer.
2) Brochure for Kaplankaya Investors (arbout 140 – 160 pages)
3) Kaplankaya Website. It identifies and creates structure, has organize photography, and gives the
copyrighter direction.
4) Capital Partners Portfolio (roughly 80 to 100 pages)
Any work that isn’t included in the above scope will be billed separately. The only acceptable
form of communication is through email ( All third-party vendors will
have their budgets approved by the client in advance, and the client will pay the vendor directly.
All files will be sent as layouts that have been approved, with clear instructions for printing.
All schedules will be met as long as clients give feedback on time and payments are made on the
dates that were agreed upon. If you need ongoing support after the scheduled finalization date of
the Services, the Services will be extended for an hourly fee.

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