RE: In-State Tuition Reclassification Request – UMass Boston

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to earnestly request a reconsideration of my residence status at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Through this letter, I aim to meticulously outline my eligibility for in-state tuition, supported by the compelling evidence enclosed herewith. My commitment to this endeavor stems from my sincere belief that my current circumstances and enduring ties to the state warrant a favorable adjustment in my tuition classification.

First and foremost, it is important to underscore that my guardian, Ms. Cynthia Anderson, has been a longstanding resident of Massachusetts for years prior to my enrollment. This fact aligns with the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s stipulation that, for unemancipated students, a parent or legal guardian must have resided in Massachusetts for at least 12 months prior to the student’s enrollment. Therefore, as my legal guardian and resident, Ms. Anderson satisfies this criterion comprehensively, and her residency should have been taken into consideration from the outset.

My journey began with a unique twist, as I was accepted as an international student and subsequently graduated from a high school in Ghana, West Africa, despite being a U.S. citizen. This distinctive path inadvertently led to a misclassification that is now being diligently addressed. The impact of this circumstance is underscored by the fact that my guardian’s residency was already established before my educational journey began. Thus, my unique situation necessitates a reevaluation to ensure my classification accurately reflects the spirit of the policy.

A pivotal turning point in my residency occurred when I chose to suspend my studies at the university for an extended period of over 12 months (1 year) due to financial constraints compounded by the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This interruption allowed me to fulfill a crucial requirement for in-state tuition reclassification. During this time, I resided within Massachusetts as a traditional resident, diligently adhering to the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s mandate of being completely self-supporting within the state and devoid of any claims of dependency by non-resident entities.

The essence of my connection to Massachusetts is further underscored by my integration within the local community. Possessing a Massachusetts driver’s permit, active voter registration, and financial engagements including bank accounts and bills serve as tangible indications of my commitment to the state. Additionally, I have actively participated in community activities, forging meaningful relationships and contributing to the local economy through entrepreneurial endeavors. These actions not only attest to my residency but also highlight my genuine investment in the growth and well-being of Massachusetts.

Enclosed, you will find the following documents in support of my request for in-state tuition reclassification:

  1. Copy of my expired driver’s permit issued in Massachusetts over a year ago.
  2. Electricity bill bearing the name of my guardian, Ms. Cynthia Anderson, dated August 4, 2022.
  3. Bank account statement in my name dated 2020-2021, reflecting the same address as the electric bill, affirming my residency in Milton, Massachusetts.
  4. Legal, certified document of guardianship appointing Ms. Cynthia Anderson as my guardian, dated March 2019.
  5. Additional documentation detailing my sustained presence in Massachusetts during my hiatus from studies, including lease agreements, utility bills, and employment records.

In conclusion, I earnestly request the Admissions Committee’s comprehensive review of my case for in-state tuition reclassification. I am wholeheartedly committed to Massachusetts, and the evidence presented herein, along with the supporting documents, testify to the authenticity of my residency and connection to the state. Your thoughtful consideration of my circumstances and dedication to your institution is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to review my request. I eagerly await a favorable response that reflects my sincere commitment to UMass Boston and the state of Massachusetts.

Warm regards,


Ashley Cooper


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