Improvement of Regulations in the Aviation industry

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International and national regulations ought to be improved to match the changing landscape. The world is changing, and new inventories are being done every day. Industries are increasing, and population growth is still becoming a problem to control. The traffic jams and overcrowding experienced every day ought to be dealt with as quickly as possible. This research study looks at the various ways in which aviation regulations should be improved to match the technological advance and growth being experienced    

Regulations on Aviation security

Aviation security has been a major concern today. With the increased air travel and growth in the aviation industry, there have been hijacking and terrorist incidences. The terrorists’ threat towards the aircraft remains a major challenge to the country and the world. Several regulations need to be improved to control the threats and make air travel as safe as possible ( Ronell, 2020). However, to defend the aviation industry from terrorists has become increasingly very difficult. There are various points to access air transportation, such as carry-on baggage, construction workers, and hand-held missiles that can be used for attacks.

For terrorists not to access the aircraft, several measures should be taken into account. There should be a technological approach in which explosives and dangerous weapons can be detected ( Ronell, 2020). Technological processes such as x-rays can be used to check through the clothes and detect explosives and other dangerous weapons. Domestic aviation has also been a threat to terrorists, and therefore more safety measures should be regulated to deal with the passengers that pose a threat to the system. Security personnel should also be trained to be in line with the changing technology in the aviation industry.

Regulations on Environmental considerations

The aviation industry is growing day by day. The subsequent growth in air traffic has aggravated many environmental problems (Choe, 2020). There is a need for regulations in the aviation industry due to the adverse effects on air quality, community noise, and climate change in general. The emissions by the aircraft ought to be regulated to reduce the pollution being experienced.

However, the rapid growth in demand for aircraft transport has led to more fuel consumption, which matches the fumes emitted in the air. Carbon dioxide emitted in the air is proportional to the aircraft’s amount of fuel ( Ronell, 2020). Several regulations should be made to reduce dangerous emissions, such as changing the combustion cycle and engine design. The regulations on the engine could reduce the number of emissions in the air.

 The noise which has also become a nuisance ought to be regulated. The regulations on noise can be made by improving the design of the integrated aircraft and having changes in the propulsion system and the engine (Giovanelli, 2020). However, environmental pollution through noise and fumes can be done away with using alternative energy sources such as liquid hydrogen. Other inventions could also be a solution, such as introducing a fuel cell-electric propulsion that does not consume fuel and cannot emit pollutant fumes in the air. 


Regulations in the aircraft industry can be improved through the cooperative efforts of the government and the airlines. However, pilots should also be trained to operate in the best safety measures required. The aircraft industries should also develop the best aircraft models that can detect terrorists and not pollute the environment.  


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