Project one: “Preparation of the “Integrated Waste Management Planning” for the following 15 years of Istanbul City, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2011.

Date of Project Initiation: July 2011

Date of Project Completion: October 2011

The project was in response to an open tender by the Metropolitan Government of Istanbul for a solid waste management action plan for the next 15 years. Together with a team I collaborated with, we prepared a report on future population, future quantities, waste types, and urbanization development. Based on our calculations and estimations, we proposed several options for future waste management, which is already being adopted by the Istanbul Government (evidence attached in the addendum). This project has helped various scholars and researchers (attached are the papers cited in the project).

The project will help the United States students of environment and sustainability because it has comprehensive information on solid waste management. Particularly students can learn the principle of “Sustainable Indicators” to monitor the performance of sustainability. With globalization, industrialization, and rapid economic growth, there has been an increased solid waste management rate. This project will help students learn to interpret how globalization, industrialization, and rapid economic growth relate to solid waste management. My expertise and experience in the area will be of great help to students as well. Secondly, the government can adopt some of the project measures, such as waste incineration plants. Thirdly, the industries and companies can acquire knowledge from the project to properly manage solid waste.

Project two: “Analysis of Medical Waste Incineration Plant Ash in Kemerburgaz – Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.”

Project Fund for Istanbul City served as Project Investigator.

Date of Project Initiation: January 2009

Date of Project Completion: December 2009


The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality funded this project. I served as a project investigator by finding sustainable and effective solutions to the waste that remains after medical waste incineration. Generally, this project is on preserving nature. Also, reducing the necessity of LANDFILL SITES (waste dumping places), because “to build a landfill” is a big problem as this land will have no other uses in the future (in long future also, even after 100 years), and the economic value of the nearby areas will decrease and cannot become a residential area anymore, due to bad smell, dust, and noise. For this reason, there are many public demonstrations and oppositions if the government decides to build a landfill near a town or a city. The landfills cannot be constructed in very remote places because of the waste-transportation problem. The wastes should be transported to close (not far) place because of the transportation cost and effective-time. That’s why government offices choose a place close to a residential area. So, NIMBY (not in my backyard) syndrome occurs, and police have to stop these demonstrations. The incineration ashes should also go to landfill sites as there is no way to use them; moreover, they are toxic!

In this research, an experimental device was designed according to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and constructed. Pre-treatment, treatment, and alternative techniques were adopted, which are very important in medical waste management. This research can be of great help to the hospitals and clinics in the United States as they can adopt the recommendations therein. The techniques are practical and tried and tested, and effective. The project will contribute greatly to researchers, scholars, students, legislators researching effective medical waste management. (See attached how the project has been applied in research)

Project three: “109Y272: Evaluation of indoor air quality on the historical and cultural objects stored in Dolmabahçe Palace, risk assessment and pollution control strategies”, 

Date of Project Initiation: Jan 2010

Date of Project Completion: Jan 2012

The project was funded by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). In this project, we measured pollution levels in a historical building; Dolmabahçe Palace then suggested relevant strategies to protect the objects stored in that building from harmful levels of pollution and indoor climate conditions. We chose Dolmabahçe Palace as the site of this research because it is a famous and popular destination and the Ottoman Dynasty’s former seat. For this reason, there are many original objects to be protected, and the building itself is of historical importance. I was the sub-investigator for this project, responsible for determining the exposure doses of the materials. Following data collection, I proposed several methods to protect the materials, based on absorbing the humidity with natural materials such as zeolite or perlite with specific amounts, without impacting the historical objects. This research’s outcomes are important for the development of risk management strategies in historical buildings in Istanbul. Several local- and national-level authorities and technicians, and other professionals involved in museum management are using the materials developed in this work for their management and risk assessment practices. The research has also been significant in subsequent publications on Investigation of Indoor Air Quality Effects on the Monuments at the Inventory of Museums and Historical Buildings, Risk Evaluation and Recommendation of Suitable Control Systems, (in Turkish), (see attached publications that have applied the research). 

The research findings will contribute largely to the architects, contractors, and constructors planning to build large buildings such as museums, galleries, and libraries that are at risk of corrosion due to air pollution. Secondly, the research will be so effective to the architects of large historical buildings in the U.S, such as the Alamo, Independent States Capitol, and Baltimore, to ensure the buildings’ effective air quality.


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