health care policy

What health care policy, law, or regulation do you feel need to be revised? What will you do to help promote change?

The Affordable Care Act 2010 should be revised to make consumer shopping better and make the enrollment portals work better. The Affordable Care Act was enacted to ensure access to health care by insurance for all U.S citizens, including the poor, marginalized and minorities. However, some enrollment portals are not as efficient as some U.S Citizens struggle with enrolling themselves. I would help promote change by advocating for better and efficient enrollment portal and helping the citizens with disabilities, i.e. the blind by registering them. I can promote growth by sensitizing members of the public to enroll themselves in the federal enrollment portal.

The Affordable Care Act should be revised to make consumer shopping better by providing consumers with real-time access to current directories of participating hospitals and physicians. Creating a current directory will create clarity to all citizens, so they know which hospitals and physicians are in and which are not. I can help promote change by encouraging physicians to avail their services to the members of the public. Also, by pressing the portal developers to emulate Amazon; the way it has arranged its products on the website. By creating a better portal, people are likely to access the services efficiently.

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