Grounds for Appeal

XXX and XXX formed a partnership in XXX when XXX  went into the hospital, to manage the XXX estate. XXX handled the estate finances, and XXX handled the property contracts and legal matters.

XXX  declined to partner in the estate management, did not attend XXX  funeral and disappeared from family contact for years.

XXX, the appointed Executor of the XXXX Estate completed the required documents for adjudication. There was no cause to remove XXX as executor, he continued to improve the insolvent estate status and may have had funds to pay beneficiaries, in the future.

XXX invested in the insolvent Estate and continued its financial growth to repay investment.

The investments made by XXXX  in the XXX  Estate are mostly public record, including  property taxes, funeral expenses, inheritance tax, etc. Other investments are easily estimated including new roof, furnace, water heater, etc.

The money generated from sale or mortgage of the Estate properties were invested back into the Estate.

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