I am representing EU based company and I am looking for a lawyer who would review and enhance our General Terms as well as Privacy Policy documents. The ideas is to make sure we don’t have any loopholes or misalignments with US laws, and we are protected against customer complains and legal actions (as much as possible). Our Business focus on selling diet plans and ebooks via website. As part of our service we give customers access to portal where they can access diet plan or download it as PDF. We also offer ebooks focused on fitness and wellness. I am attaching both documents which we have prepared inspiring our competitors. Would you be able to review my ask and provide the offer for the work? Also if you have any questions or comments feel free to share. I am looking forward for your reply

– The documents I sent you are for company based in US. We are based in EU so pls factor that and we would prefer to not setup company in US if possible – In case of any disputes we would like to have EU best would be Poland or the most “favourable” state in US if first option is not available. In the document we have Texas – I am not sure if we should use that – If you see any suggestions how to get aligned with US law please add them – Can you advice where should we ask customer ask for the consent to our General terms and Privacy policy? We have it just before the payment. If there are any other requirements to include on a website pls let us know.