Refunds. A refund may be requested at any time within 14 days of payment of the deposit. After the lapse of 14 days, you cannot successfully claim any deposit or costs incurred.

Alterations. Fox Wardrobes will manufacture furniture according to the nominal dimensions on your plans. In case of any changes and alterations, you are supposed to notify us at least 7 days before the installation date. As much as we try to accommodate minor changes after an order has been placed, alterations to colour and design will are not acceptable. For minor changes, extra costs may apply.

Wardrobe interiors. The wardrobe interiors are manufactured from high-grade melamine faced chipboard and may be described by colour only. All wood-effect materials are melamine or vinyl faced products unless specified. There may be a slight variation between certain colors described as the same finish, such as vinyl doors & MFC panels. Please inquire for more details if required.

Drawer boxes. All our drawer boxes are manufactured in the colour beech unless agreed otherwise and indicated on the plans.

Obstacles. You are required to indicate any obstacles to the plans. Failure to indicate the obstacles will necessitate our installers to work around them. This may include either cutting access panels where possible or cutting around them to make the wardrobe work as planned. You agree to indemnify and hold the installers harmless for any obstacles removed that have not been indicated on the plans.

Warranties and Representations. We warrant and represent that our craft in installing wardrobes is topnotch and free from any defects, and the materials can last for 10 years or more from installation completion. This includes door inserts, drawer runners, door running systems, door hinges, door vinyl, de-lamination/discoloring, wardrobe interiors, furniture, and accessories. Also, we represent that our employees will consider any pipes, electrical wires, or underground heating when installing the furniture provided you notify us of these, and they are recorded on the plans.

Indemnification. You agree to indemnify our employees, directors, or installers of any damage that arises to your premises from the removal/disposal of any existing fitted furniture you have contracted us to remove. This includes wall, floor & ceiling, decoration including fittings such as coving, cornice, skirting, dado rails, and architraves. Also, you agree to indemnify us for all electronic and water fittings damaged for failure to record them on the plans.

Space. Please ensure that the installers have sufficient space for working and moving around.

Settlement.  The property in the goods shall not pass until the outstanding balance has been cleared. Full settlement is required on completion of the works to the installers. Ensure the pill payer is present when installation/delivery is completed.

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