Applicant’s details

Full name Date of birth Age Citizenship status

Driver’s LicenseNumber Social security number Business license Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Physical address Phone Number Email Social media contacts

Term  Vehicle type and license plate Vehicle’s location Vehicle’s operator
The vehicle shall be leased from ___________to _______. The Vehicle to be leased is a _____________________(type)and has license plate number ____________________. The leased Vehicle shall be located at the following address; The Vehicle shall be operated by the following person (s);
Physical address:

Contact details:

Current job and working hours; full-time, part-time, self-employed, unemployed Rental history Personal reference (s) name, relationship, and contacts



Bankruptcy records Lien records e.g. IRS Criminal records

Financial details
How much do you have in savings, checking, or retirement accounts? 
Do you have any additional source of income?  If so, state it 
Do you require financing; Yes or No. 
Do you have a mortgage, or do you rent? If neither, explain.
How many dependents do you have?
The expected sales shall be:
The number of employees and their salary shall be:
General details
How many years have you been in the retail food business in the respective State you plan to operate in/ are you a startup?
The base location for the food truck shall be:
Do you have a ServSafe certificate?
The food to be sold shall be:
Do you possess ALL the necessary food licenses and permits attainable prior to leasing the Vehicle and do you plan on applying for any necessary food licenses and permits that were unattainable prior to leasing the Vehicle. This includes but is not limited to the following licenses and permits:Federal/ state business licenseEmployer Identification Number (EIN)Food handler’s permitSign permitMusic licenseResale permitSeller’s permitLiquor license/ beer and wine licenseDumpster Placement PermitSidewalk permitFood Service LicenseHealth permit for the premises
Do you have general commercial liability insurance? If so, state the County.

Please note that when submitting this application, we shall require proof of; identification, sources of income, savings, checking, retirement accounts, and insurance that includes but is not limited to a driving license, Passport, Government ID, and certificate of insurance. This will assist in determining whether you can honor your financial obligations in the lease.

We shall also require a down payment and a refundable deposit which refund shall be subject to the return of the Vehicle in the same condition we leased it.

Applicant’s  Signature _____________________________                         Date _________

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