November 22, 2023


This agreement is made and entered into this ______ day of
____________________, 20______, by and between Fireworks Over Miami,
(hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”), and ___________________________
(hereinafter referred to as “Client”).
Parties herein agree to be legally bound as follows; –
1. Purpose.
The purpose of this agreement is for the Contractor to provide and arrange a
firework display/show on ______________ at ______________.
2. Compensation
The agreed total cost of the display/show shall be $_____.
There shall be a deposit of $_____ payable once the parties have signed this
agreement and the balance of $____________ payable within one week to the
The payment shall be made via cheque, cash, or electronic transfer as may be
agreed by the parties.
Failure to make any payment by the due date, without prior agreement with the
Contractor, will deem the contract to be cancelled and cancellation charges will
The parties agree that if the Client cancels the booking the deposit will be non-
3. Notification of the Event
It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that all relevant authorities and the
emergency services are aware of the display/show and to inform all other persons,
including residents and pet and livestock owners, who may be disturbed by the
4. Safety
The display/show site will be under the total control and authority of the Contractor
from arrival at the site, to prepare for the display/show, until the time of evacuation
after the display is completed and all items have been removed.

All guests and spectators must remain in the designated viewing area at all times. It
is the responsibility of the Contractor to ensure that this is done by the use of briefed
and competent stewards and, if appropriate, physical barriers.
To ensure safety, all decisions regarding the firing of the display/show will be taken
by the Contractor. In extreme cases, such as gale-force winds or spectator intrusion,
the display may be suspended or cancelled.
The Contractor will remove from the site all equipment, discharged firework cases,
any undischarged effects, and any large items of firework debris and will arrange for
the safe disposal of such items. The responsibility for cleaning the site after the
event remains with the Client in conjunction with the site management.
If undischarged effects are discovered after Contractor has left the site, such
discovery must be notified immediately to the Contractor for instruction.
The Contractor will not be liable for any injury or damage caused by failure to report
such discovery or to follow any instruction given.
5. Permits.
The client shall be responsible for acquiring all the needed permits on time, at their
6. Liability
The Client shall hold harmless the contractor from any claims that do not directly
relate to damages produced by its staff and equipment.
7. Cancellation
Parties agree that if the Client cancels the display, cancellation charges will apply as
(a) Notification more than one month before the display date – 25% of the display
(b) Within one month of the display – 50% of the display cost.
(c) Within 36 hours of the display – 75% of the display cost
Notification must be confirmed in writing and signed by the Contractor.
If the Contractor cancels the display due to force majeure to include actions taken by
the government or regulatory bodies, the Client will have the option to reschedule the
event at a date and time acceptable to the Contractor or cancel the contract no
money will be repayable to the client.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement the day
and year first above written.
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By the CLIENT; –
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