This Finder’s Fee Agreement (the “Agreement”), effective as of the date of the last party to sign this Finder’s Fee Agreement (the “Execution Date”), is made and entered by and between:

Le Pont Co. Ltd of 105 Laforet Akatsuka, 4-35-15 Akatsuka, Itabashi ku, Tokyo 175-0092, Japan

(the “Broker”)

– AND –

Insert Name of Seller and Address

(the “Seller”)

Both parties wish to enter into this Agreement, whereby Seller will pay Broker a fee (as described below) for each buyer of Seller referred by Broker to Seller, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing, and of the mutual covenants, agreements, and promises set forth herein, the parties agree as follows:

  1. Commencing as of the Execution Date if this Agreement and continuing in effect until this Agreement is terminated by either party by providing the other at least ____ days prior written notice, Broker may, from time to time, and in its sole and absolute discretion, refer to Seller certain buyers (the “Referred Buyers”). Subject to Broker’s compliance with the remaining provisions of this Agreement in each case, and subject to Seller’s acceptance of such Referred Buyers, Seller agrees to compensate Broker in accordance with Section 2 below.
  2. Broker understands that Seller’s buyers pay Seller in accordance with contracts entered into by Seller and such buyers. As consideration for a Referred Buyer, Broker shall be entitled to ____ percent of the initial contract value, to be paid to Broker within _____ days of Seller and Referred Buyer’s execution of the initial contract, if any, signed after Broker’s referral. Seller shall have the right at any time to set-off any amounts now or hereafter owing by Broker to Seller against amounts which are then or may thereafter become due or payable to Broker under this Agreement.
  3. Referred Buyers shall not be considered accepted by Seller, and Seller shall have no payment obligation hereunder, unless and until a contract is signed by Seller and the Referred Buyers.
  4. This Agreement shall be read together with the Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure Agreement,

Reference No. _____ and the Brokerage Commission Agreement, Reference No. _____.

  • Those provisions of this Finder’s Fee Agreement which by their nature survive termination, shall so survive any termination hereunder, including any obligation to make payment under the terms of this Agreement.
  • The individuals whose signatures appear below each warrant that they are duly authorized to sign this Agreement on behalf of the company whose name appears above their signature.  Each party represents and warrants that they have read this Agreement and fully understand its provisions. Each party represents and warrants that they have discussed this Agreement, in its entirety, with their respective attorneys, and this Agreement has been fully explained to them by such attorneys. This Agreement will be confidential between the parties, and the existence of this Agreement will not be disclosed by either party to any third party (other than accountants and/or attorneys of the parties, who have a legitimate need to know, and who are bound by similar obligations of non-disclosure relative to this Agreement), except to the extent required by law or regulation.

____________________ (Sign & Seal)                                 ____________________ (Sign & Seal)

Mohammad Yousaf Jalil                                                         MR ABC

President                                                                                 President & Director

Le Pont Co., Ltd                                                                     XYZ Corporation

Tel: + 81 90 6070 8999                                                          Tel: + 1 2222 3333 3333

Email:                                              Email:

Date: December 19, 2020 Date:                                             March 5, 2021

____________________ (Sign)                                             ____________________ (Sign)

Toshio Hasegawal (Witness)                                                 MR XYZ

Consultant                                                                               Corporate Secretary & Director

Le Pont Co., Ltd                                                                     ABC Corporation

Tel: +81 80 4131 6656                                                           Tel:

Email:                                   Email:

Date: December 19, 2020                                                       Date: March 05, 2021

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