Kaajano Street f375/3
P.O Box OS 3314

Abraham Choi
Founder/CEO Simple Dealer
24 Dryburgh House
London SW1V 4ET
United Kingdom

Dear Abraham Choi
I believe we had a successful conversation on 15th January concerning my studies on Zoom. I
contacted you regarding financing my studies which includes the entire tuition, housing, books and
any other miscellaneous items. I have been wanting to formalise my computer science knowledge
for a long time now and from our discussion this is the right time to do that. As this aligns with both
our interests.
I am suggesting a proposal of providing me with a minimum of 45,000 USD with 1,300 being
deducted from my salary of 2,000 USD while I still work at Simple-dealer starting from February 2022
till I receive a study permit and my school begins. I will return to Simple-dealer after my accelerated
computer science degree is completed in approximately 2 years after starting my studies and
resume working with Simple dealer so the remainder of the deductions made in my salary.
We agreed a degree in Computer Science would give me a boost as a software engineer and in turn
boost my position at Simple-dealer and the company as whole. I would like to thank you for
providing this opportunity to me if accepted. I look forward to hearing from you
Reginald Anim

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