Hi, I want to file a complaint against the judge in this case per our meeting today relating to conduct, are you able to write the complaint if I provide the facts?

I attached the complaint form so you can review item 4- which is how to prepare statement of facts. Please feel free to remove any item that makes the argument weak. Also, I requested for a documented ruling on my response to 91f which will be issued tomorrow. If it is relevant I will forward it to you. This is per conference call 3/15/2022 at 1pm est with Judge YYY ruled that I could not dispute the correctness of the Notice of Deficiency because I could not bring forth anything from the audit area but I pointed out that the IRS counsel brought in at least 2 items (Exhibit 10P- Incomplete Social Security Card and Exhibit11P-billing statement from XXX (listed them on the stipulated facts) which were settled issues and I did not provide them to him from audit. There are more items that I did not provide to the IRS Counsel that are on the Stipulated facts. After the meeting the IRS counsel realized his mistake and although the Judge ruled I could not bring items from audit, the IRS counsel omitted 10P and 11P- see attached. Also, page 2 of the respondents answer to my original filed petition-see attached (although Mr. ZZZ denied this at todays meeting) Mr. ZZZ “admits petitioner disputes the notice of deficiency”see attached served January 28,2020. He did not rule on my response to the IRS counsels motion to cause but indicated that I and my counsel should work with the IRS counsel to resolve the outstanding issues. The irs counsel is not neutral and cannot resolve third issue as to the correctness of the NOD which is not foreign to the tax court to issue ruling on. The judge also indicated he could not transfer the case to Baltimore for possible internet issue and inability for IRS counsel to receive faxed, emailed and mailed documents as my representative indicated because the IRS counsel has spent a considerable amount of time on this case. The first attorney filed the case in California because she resided in California ( the office in Maryland was a satellite office) and the court has indicated they would not object to moving the case to Baltimore but with Mr. ZZZ objection Judge YYY denied the request- see attached. Justice would not be served with Judge YYY denying me the same privileges that Mr. ZZZ is allowed to have.

I wanted to also add that after the response to 91f was submitted on 3/14/22 as of 3/8/22 (my attorney had issues uploading documents to Dawson) instead of the Court (Judge) to schedule a hearing or conference, i was called on 3/14/22 by Diane E. Parzow (works for the Judge?) that Mr. Warren the IRS counsel requested for a conference. He only wanted to talk about the court procedures for remote hearing. The response was only discussed after my representative and myself brought it up.

Attached is also the response received from the judge. He did not address the third argument- the correctness of the NOD. I also brought up that Mr. Warren was allowed to introduce documents from compliance and he said I could not but Mr. Warren only dropped two of the documents which I informed him were agreed upon and resolved issues in compliance. Why weren’t the other agreed upon issues from NOD dropped and why I am not allowed to add documents from Compliance as Mr. Warren did? I know this is rush but please give me a reasonable price, I will have you create more documents for this case. I have a lawyer but he’s questionable.