[Enter Name]
[Enter Address]
[Enter Date]
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy.
Mountain View, CA 94043.

I am the owner of the mobile applicaton called [Enter Name], which was on the Google Play
Store. On or about [Enter Date], the complainant sent a DCMA. Consequetly, I sent a counter
notice. After the foregoing, you sent me an email stating that the complainant had filed proof
that they had filed either an action that seeks a court order to restrain the allegedly infringing
activity or a claim of infringement with the US Copyright Office Copyright Claims Board
(CCB). Accordingly, you asked me to give a correspondence on the results of the
It is my contention that the complainant filed a fake case with you. The complainant filed the
fake case, in a bid to deceive you to believe that the Complainant is the legitimate owner of
the application. I have not opted out of any proceeding at the Copyright Claims Board, since
no such claim was ever made. In that regard,
I therefore request you to find me as the legitimate owner of the application, and that the
application be restored to the Play Store. I would appreciate being informed if there are any
delays or difficulties in making my application accessible at the Google Play Store.
I declare that the foregoing is true and accurate under penalty of perjury under the laws of the
United States of America.


[Your Name]
[Street Address]

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