The undersigned ____________________________________ (the “Customer”), as a patron of
The UPS Store located at ____________________________________, hereby acknowledges
and agrees that:
This is an additional clause to the to Mailbox Services Agreement as follows:
i. When the customer opens a mailbox with the servicer, the servicer shall accept up to
15 packages per month. After that amount has been reached, there will be a $4.00 fee
per package for any additional packages after the 15th package received every month.
ii. That further to this, customers cannot accumulate/accrue one month to another. And
extra fees payment should be paid at the beginning of each month

Dated this ____ day of __________________, 20___.

Customer Signature
Printed Name of Customer
Mailbox #_______
Address, City, State, Zip
Phone Number
Authorized Center Representative name & Signature

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