January 13, 2024

1. [insert name of your business] whose principal place of business is at [insert
address],XXX (the Make Up Artist)
2. [insert name of Client] whose address is at [insert address], United States of
America (the Customer)
The parties agree that the make-up Job shall be carried out in accordance with and
subject to this Agreement hereto.
It is agreed as follows:
1. Interpretation
1.1 Definitions
Agreement means any agreement made subject to the terms and conditions below;
Job means Makeup application Bridal makeup [insert other services that you offer] to
be carried out by the Make Up Artist;
Completion Date means XXX or as may otherwise be agreed between
the Customer and the Make Up Artist (including any extended date for completion fixed
Agreement Price means as per the following schedule:
i. Makeup application (lashes included): $85
ii. Bridal makeup (includes trial and day of wedding with lashes): $150
iii. [insert other services and prices]
2. Services Selected by Customer
2.1 The Customer has selected the [insert the services to be offered]
3. Make Up Artist’s Obligations
3.1 The Make Up Artist shall complete the Job by the Completion Date.
3.2 The Make Up Artist shall comply with, and give all notices required by, any
statute, any statutory instrument, rule or order or any regulation or bylaws
applicable to the Job.
4. Assignment
Neither Party shall assign the Agreement or sub-contract the performance thereof
without the prior written consent of the other.
5. No Modification Unless in Writing
No modification of this Agreement shall be valid unless in writing and agreed upon by
both Parties.
6. Payment
6.1 The Customer shall pay the Agreement Price to the Make Up Artist at the
end of the day of service. For the services selected by the customer, he/she
is liable to pay [insert amount].
6.2 The Make Up Artist will invoice the Customer prior to the Payment Date.
The invoice will include any and all services performed under this
Agreement as well as any expenses.

6.3 From time to time throughout the duration of this Agreement, the Make Up
Artist may incur certain expenses that are not included as part of the Fee for
the Job to this Agreement. This may include Mini facial: $20, Travel fee: $10
for under 100 miles traveled, $20 after every 100 miles traveled.
6.4 The Make Up Artist agrees to keep an exact record of any and all expenses
acquired while performing the Job. The Make Up Artist will submit an
invoice itemising each expense, along with proof of purchase and receipt,
with the invoice.
6.5 The Make-Up Artist, shall furnish his own supplies and equipment
necessary to deliver and complete the Job as defined under this Agreement
unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties.
6.6 The total amount to be paid by the customer basing on 6.1 and 6.3 above is
a total of [insert amount].
7. Independent Contractor
7.1 The Customer and Make Up Artist each expressly agree and understand
that they are creating an independent contractor relationship, and that Make
Up Artist shall not be considered an employee of the Customer for any
8. Termination
8.1 Either party may by notice in writing forthwith terminate the Agreement,
however termination/cancelations must be notified no later than 24 hours
prior to appointment otherwise, Customer will be charged the full amount of
the appointment.
9. No Rights under Contracts for Third Parties
9.1 A person who is not a party to this Agreement shall have no right under any
law to enforce any of its terms.
10. Dispute Resolution
10.1 The parties shall use all reasonable endeavours to resolve any dispute
amicably and in good faith.
10.2 This document is governed by and are to be construed in accordance
with the laws of New York applicable therein.
10.3 Each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the exclusive
jurisdiction of the courts of New York (and any court of appeal) and waives
any right to object to an action being brought in those courts, including on
the basis of an inconvenient forum or those courts not having jurisdiction.
As witness this Agreement has been signed by the duly authorised representatives of
the Parties the day and year first before written.
for and on behalf of [insert name of your business] )


for and on behalf of [insert name of Client] )


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