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District Attorney – San Diego County

333 H St #4000,

Chula Vista, CA 91910


Dear Summer Stephan:

I am writing this letter to give my recommendation for Wali Kose’s request for sentence reduction. He is presently in North Kern State Prison and has for the past [insert number] continuously served his sentence and has demonstrated commitment to making amends for his actions and being a positive influence to his community.

I am hoping that this letter will show you the ways in which he has changed. I pray it does reflect that he has matured into an empathetic and compassionate adult, whose mind and heart have grown in the [insert number] months/years since his incarceration.

In the time he has been imprisoned, Wani took full and complete responsibility over his life and his criminal behavior. As a young man, Wali Kose was a victim of sexual abuse. He had no means of expressing the negative impact the experience had over his life, and as a result, the experience festered into destructive behavior. He constantly lived in denial of what had happened to him in the past. This led him to the last days before being arrested.

During the past [insert number] years of incarceration, he underwent thorough inner reflection and peeled back the layers of denial. Through a supportive structure and community, he has come to understand his own pain and traumatic experiences, which he previously refused to deal with. He confronted his past and courageously confessed the traumatic memories of sexual abuse. He came to understand that he had consistently projected that pain and trauma onto the people of his community. Thanks to the supportive structure and the positive community he has been blessed with, he has portrayed significant reform.

As a reformed member of the society, Wali has taken up various activities to give back to his community and make amends for his actions. He has freely volunteered to work with young women of the community and continues to offer them guidance on how to live a just and fruitful life.

I continue to remain witness to the transformation of Wali Kose. I continue to be amazed by his commitment to regaining his footing, not only as a man, but as a contributing member of the society. As such I give my recommendation for a sentence reduction, and that Wali be allowed to take up a position as reformed member of this society. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[insert name]

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