This Employment contract is made on the 6th day of July 2018 BETWEEN,

Solution Tab Limited (Parent Company of Dalilk4ielts), Ajman Free Zone, United Arab Emirates (the “Company”) of the one part, and

Shimaa Khaled Abdou, Giza, Egypt. Sh.khaled840@gmail.com. (+20) 01142174987 (the



The Company and the Employee have agreed on the employment of the Employee by the Company upon the terms and conditions set out below.


  1. Operative
    • The Company employs, and the Employee accepts employment with the Company as a Brand Engagement Agent beginning………..…..2018.


  • The Employee shall work for 12 hours a day for 6 days a week.


  • The Employee shall be entitled to a day off every Saturday, except where the agreed off-day falls within a sales week, in which case it will be shifted accordingly.


  • The working hours shall be between 4pm to 4am (Cairo time) with 60 minutes flexible break.


  • The Employee shall report directly to Abdur Rahman Hijazi regarding work related concerns.



  1. Consideration/salary
    • In consideration of the Employee undertaking the Employment for the Company, the Company shall pay the Employee a net monthly Salary of 4440 EGP payable through Western Union transfer in equivalent US dollars on the last day of the month.


  1. Probation
    • The first six weeks of the employment will be a trial stage where the Employee’s performance will be evaluated after which the Employee’s tenure will be permanent.


  1. Copyright and confidentiality
    • The Employee shall not take on freelancing jobs or any alternative employment for a different employer for the duration of the work timing.


  • Copyright of all Products (any code, images, markup, scripts, and content) created while performing Services for the Company are the property of the Company.


  • The Employee shall maintain confidentiality of all work and services performed on behalf of the Company. Under no circumstances should the Employee disclose to a third party any information related to the Company and the Company’s business activities.


  1. Leaves and vacations


  • The Employee shall be entitled to only 10 days of unpaid urgent leaves, Eid Holidays


  • The Employee shall be entitled to paid Eid Holidays.


  • A paid annual vacation of 6 paid days will be granted, and the Employee shall be entitled to take such leave after every 12 months.


Signed by:

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