History 4
Contact Information 4
Our Mission 4
Vision 4
Values 4
Legal Requirements 5
Compliance 5
Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure of Information 5
Communications 5
Dress code 5
Conflict of interest 6
Relationships with students, parents, and families 6
Employee Skills 6
Training 7
Appraisal 7
Links with incremental salary progression (salary review) 8
Performance Issues 8
Disciplinary Action 8
Our approach to reward 10
Exempt and non-exempt 10
Pay (Compensation) 10
Deductions from your pay 11
Time reporting 11
Overtime 11
Rest Breaks (California Only) 11
Mandatory meal period 12


On-Call Pay (Non-exempt Employees) 12
Insurance 12
Workers’ Compensation 12
Tuition discount 12
Time off 12
Family and Medical Leave Act 12
Criminal, civil, and professional investigations 14
Private use of equipment 14
Whistleblowing 14
Notice period 15
Return of school property. 15
Payment of final salary 15
Requesting a reference 15
Equal Opportunity 16
Anti-Discrimination 16
Harassment 16
Reporting Discrimination and/or Harassment 16
Cultural Diversity 16
Disabilities 17


Welcome to the Olu Montessori Team! We are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding
career opportunity in working with you.
Olu Montessori is a small, cohesive community-focused school in Menlo Park that serves
children aged between 13 months to 6 years. We offer a home-like environment incorporating
authentic Montessori methods, mixed-aged classrooms, and a peaceful and beautiful
environment that is child-centered and integrates nature, language, music, technology, and
You are employed as a teacher to provide teaching services to the children of the Olu
Montessori community. For the purpose of this document, Olu Montessori may be referred to
as “we” or “our” or “the school”.
Olu Montessori reserves the right to change employment policies, procedures, benefits or the
Handbook at any time without notice. It is the responsibility of the employee to stay abreast
of policy. The School will make every effort to notify employees of any policy changes,
additions or deletions. All changes will immediately become a part of this Handbook.

Purpose of the Handbook
The purpose of this Handbook is to provide you with an overview of the employment
policies, procedures and benefits of Olu Montessori. It is designed to provide you with
information covering key aspects of your employment with us, whether you have just started
with us or have been here for a while. Also, please note that this Handbook is a summary
only and, as such, is not meant to be all inclusive. This Handbook not to be viewed as an
employment contract, express or implied, and it does not guarantee employment for any
specific length of time.
You are expected to be familiar with, and adhere to, all of our policies and procedures. You
are responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with the terms of this Handbook.
This way, you will know what we expect of you and what you can expect from us. You are
encouraged to present any questions that you may have to the Immediate manager.


This school was launched in Fall 2021. It serves children aged between 13 months to 6 years.
It was established to offer a home-like environment incorporating authentic Montessori
curriculum adhering to Dr. Maria Montessori’s teachings while incorporating Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Technology (STEM) activities in addition to music,
movement, yoga, and language.
Contact Information
Name: Olu Montessori
Address – 915 Marsh Rd. Menlo Park, CA 94025
Phone: (650) 651-3371
Email: info@olumontessori.com
Our Mission
Olu Montessori’s mission is to provide an environment that cultivates responsible and
respectful citizens who show empathy, collaboration, love, independence, diversity, and joy
for life. We pride ourselves on assisting children to develop self-discipline and social skills to
approach social and emotional challenges with confidence, resilience, awareness, and
To develop the future child to be a responsible citizen with the tools needed to be resilient,
confident, content, and live a life with a purpose that improves the community.
You can help Olu Montessori achieve its missions and values by respecting and applying its
core values, which include:

 Authentic Montessori Education
 Organic
 Innovation
 Music
 Nature
 Language Immersion
 Community-Led
 Beauty
 Teacher Valued


Legal Requirements
According to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), Olu Montessori only hires those
individuals who may legally work in the United States (i.e., citizens and nationals of the U.S.)
and aliens authorized to work in the U.S., in accordance with the U.S. Department of Labor
(DOL) regulations. The School will verify your identity and employment eligibility, which
includes completing any relevant employment form or Agreement.
It is your responsibility to comply with federal, state and local laws, professional standards
and the polices/regulations of the School to ensure that service provided to School clients and
business interactions reflect integrity and ethical conduct.
Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure of Information
You will at times become privy to confidential information. This information must be treated
with respect and remain confidential at all times. At no time may you discuss the confidential
affairs of Olu Montessori or a child without specific written permission to do so. The only
exceptions to this requirement are cases where the law dictates otherwise.
Olu Montessori recognizes that good communication will improve both organizational and
individual performance and support the decision-making process. Accordingly, will work
with you to ensure that you:
 have the information you need to do your job,
 understand our values, priorities, and vision,
 know how your role can help achieve our objectives,
 are informed about decisions that affect you in a timely manner,
 have the opportunity to raise concerns and issues about your job.
Olu Montessori believes that communication should be a two-way process where your views
are valued and encouraged.
Some of the communication methods that we may utilize to communicate with you involve
face-to-face interactions, suggestion boxes, bulletin boards, staff meetings, written
memorandums, texting, telephones, and email.
Dress code
To a great degree, the appearance and level of professionalism demonstrated by you will
determine our reputation and image. Therefore, you should exercise judgment in your
selection of attire for the office by dressing in a manner appropriate to the nature of your
work and to our reputation and image.


Conflict of interest
It is your responsibility to recognize and avoid any situation involving a conflict of interest.
Employees are expected to promptly disclose any known relationships or activities that may
result in real or apparent conflicts of interest. This information should be disclosed to your
Supervisor and/or the Immediate manager to allow issues to be worked out before they
develop into a problem. Through this action, you protect your own interests, as well as those
of the School.
For the purpose of this Handbook, a conflict of interest arises in the following circumstances:
 Engaging in outside work while employed at Olu Montessori
 Working with other people with whom you have a pre-existing relationship (a
friendship, a familial relationship, etc.)
 Serving as a board member for an outside organization
 Owning or having a substantial interest in a competitor, supplier or contractor

Relationships with students, parents, and families
You acknowledge to be vigilant, thoughtful, and deliberate about a relationship that straddles
the line between professional and personal, especially when that relationship involves a child,
with child’s feelings and perceptions.
Employee Skills
Olu Montessori has certain skills that it considers essential for its employees to have,
regardless of the position they hold. It is vital that you utilize skills, which include, but are
not limited to the ability to:
 perform duties competently,
 be aware of other people’s reactions and understand why they react, as they do,
 apply reason and logic to identify strengths and weaknesses of possible solutions,
 identify problems and determine effective solutions,
 understand written and oral instructions,
 communicate information orally and in writing so others understand,
 listen and understand the spoken word,
 work independently and in cooperation with others,
 determine or recognize when something is likely to go wrong,
 suggest a number of ideas on a subject,
 provide advice and consultation to others,
 establish and maintain harmonious relations with co-workers,
 be flexible; and,
 be loyal to the School, and co-workers.


Olu Montessori recognizes the importance of staff training and will actively encourage you to
gain and maintain qualifications that meet the needs of the School.
Training and development is grouped in three categories:
 Statutory: This training enables the School to meet the requirements of development
legislation and helps you to maintain your safety and wellbeing at work.
 School: This training develops and maintains the values base which underpins the
School, supports safe and effective delivery of services, and supports the common
culture of services throughout the School. This training is generally considered
‘essential for continued employment and advancement within the School’.
 Personal and professional development: This training supports continuous
development and lifelong learning. It promotes evidence-based practice and provides
opportunities for job enrichment. This training is identified via annual appraisal.
Olu Montessori appraises and develops employee performances regularly through the use of
informal and formal evaluation approaches. This enables you to receive feedback on your job
performance, to assist you to become more effective in carrying out your duties and enables
the School to ensure that its quality service standards are maintained.
Olu Montessori supports the appraisal process and expects you to engage with, and benefit
from, this process. Effective performance appraisal means that you are more likely to be
engaged in your work and be clearer about your objectives and the expectations of the
Olu Montessori reviews and appraises performance in a continuous process, as an
opportunity to step back and reflect from a zoomed-out vantage point on job performance
over time, and to set goals for continued professional development
Links with incremental salary progression (salary review)
Salary reviews are not guaranteed, Salary increments are earned based both personal merit
and overall school performance.
However, it is important to note that any incremental progression will also be based on
commercial viability and not simply individual performance alone. Therefore, personal merit
and overall school performance alone do not guarantee an incremental rise.
Performance Issues
In the event that you demonstrate unacceptable behavior or have difficulty competently
performing all of the duties, as assigned, the Immediate manager will work with you to


improve job performance. This can be accomplished via a discussion and/or through the
provision of training. When a minor violation in a School Policy or substandard job
performance occurs, the Immediate manager will give a Verbal Warning by discussing the
issue(s) with you. This discussion will be documented in your Personnel File. After a Verbal
Warning is issued, if there is no improvement in job performance or if the undesirable
behavior continues, the Immediate manager may give you a Written Warning, which states
the details of the policy violation or poor job performance. You will be advised that you may
be subject to termination if there is no improvement. A copy of the Written Warning will be
given to the Immediate manager for review and signature and then will be placed in your
Personnel File.
Disciplinary Action
Olu Montessori is committed to establishing and maintaining a formal system of employee
discipline, which ensures that the rules of the workplace and the standards of conduct are
adhered to by all employees; and, that discipline is equitably and uniformly administered.
Disciplinary action is administered in a systematic order and may consist of one or more the
following: Counseling and Verbal Warning; Written Warning; Performance improvement
plan; Suspension; and/or Termination.
Three written warnings (for any violations) in any 6-month period will be grounds for
immediate suspension and/or termination.
If any of the following are violated, you may be subject to Disciplinary Action, up to and/or
including Termination of Employment:
 practicing unethical behavior,
 displaying professional misconduct,
 being negligent,
 being incompetent,
 being dishonest,
 showing insubordination,
 noncompliance,
 conducting illegal activity,
 being absent from work without reason,
 breaching confidentiality,
 being willfully disobedient,
 causing willful damage to property,
 having poor job performance,
 violating the Human Rights Code,
 creating a disturbance in the School’s office,
 being idle,
 being in possession of intoxicants or non-prescription narcotics,
 being under the influence of intoxicants when reporting for duty or when on duty,
 falsifying employment records,
 falsifying job-related documentation such as payroll cards, billing records and/or
client records,
 stealing,
 misusing the School’s property deliberately or negligently,


 not following the School’s policies and procedures,
 altering the School’s policies and procedures,
 displaying obscene or indecent conduct,
 smoking in the School’s office or in the client’s home,
 soliciting,
 possessing weapons or explosives,
 threatening or interfering with the work of others,
 being excessively absent from work or late for work,
 endangering the welfare of others,
 divulging confidential information concerning clients/other employees/the School,
 leaving work without authorization; and/or,
 other actions deemed subject to discipline by School’s Management.



Our approach to reward
The School believes that it is important to appropriately recognize and reward you, as it:
 positively reinforces the School’s aligned behavior and performance,
 builds staff engagement and job satisfaction,
 benefits recruitment and leads to higher retention rates,
 encourages staff to develop innovative approaches to work.
We have always been mindful of the need to ensure that our pay policies are realistic and,
given the likely continued financial constraints in health and social care, our pay and reward
strategy will require frequent review.
Exempt and non-exempt
Non-exempt employees are employees whose work is covered by the Fair Labor Standards
Act (FLSA). They are not exempt from certain requirements concerning time tracking,
breaks, and overtime. On the other hand, exempt employees are generally staff who are
exempt from certain provisions of the FLSA (such as time tracking, breaks, and overtime).
Exempt employees hold jobs that meet the standards and criteria established under the FLSA
by the U.S. Department of Labor.
The school has established the following categories for both exempt and non-exempt staff:
Regular, Full-Time (not in a temporary status and who are regularly scheduled to work the
school’s full-time schedule); Regular, Part-Time (not in a temporary status and who are
regularly scheduled to work less than the full-time schedule but at least 20 hours each week);
Temporary, Full-Time (interim replacements to temporarily supplement the workforce or to
assist in the completion of a specific project and temporarily scheduled to work the
company’s full-time schedule for a limited duration; Temporary, Part-Time (interim
replacements to temporarily supplement the workforce or to assist in the completion of a
specific project and temporarily scheduled to work less than the company’s full-time
schedule; and Independent Contractors and substitutes (not employees of the company and do
not receive company benefits).
Pay (Compensation)
Please refer to your Contract of Employment for your pay grade. The Pay date shall be
For changes to personal information affecting your paycheck, such as marital status, direct
deposit information, or number of exemptions claimed on your W-4, please inform us
immediately. Further,
Please, further note that Except for extreme emergencies and vacation pay, no salary
advances will be made.
Deductions from your pay


As a term of your employment, the School has the right to make deductions from your salary
for the following:
 Federal Income Tax
 State Income Tax
 Social Security (FICA) and Medicare
 State Disability Insurance (SDI) and Paid Family Leave (PFL) Tax
 Applicable city taxes
 Any other legally mandated taxes and deductions
 reimbursement to the School in respect of goods, materials, or products obtained from
the School for personal use,
 circumstances where there has been, for any reason, an overpayment made to you.
When it is intended to make any such deduction, you will be notified in advance and will be
invited to make any representations you may wish about the matter, including about the
frequency and amount of the deductions, although the School will have discretion as to the
amount and timing of such deductions.
Time reporting
The normal workday is defined as the 24-hour period starting at 12:00 a.m. and ending at
11:59 p.m. The usual workweek period is [ENTER NUMBER OF HOURS] hours.
If you are a non-exempt employee, you will need to submit your time record weekly as
directed by your supervisor, and we ask that you maintain an accurate daily record of your
hours spent on the job performing assigned duties. It is critical that all hours worked are
accurately reported, so if you do not abide by any aspect of this policy, we may take
disciplinary action up to and including terminating your employment.
In California, overtime is defined as hours worked in excess of eight hours per day. Overtime
must be approved in advance by the supervisor to whom you report. If you are a non-exempt
employee, and you qualify for overtime payment, you will be paid overtime in accordance
with state and federal overtime laws at the rate of one and a half times your regular rate of
pay for all hours worked in excess of eight hours up to and including 12 hours in any
workday, and for the first eight hours worked on the seventh consecutive day of work in a
workweek; and Double your regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 12 hours in
any workday and for all hours worked in excess of eight on the seventh consecutive day of
work in a workweek.
Rest Breaks (California Only)
In accordance with state law, full-time, non-exempt employees in California are eligible for a
paid 10-minute break for every 4 hours worked.
Mandatory meal period
You will be provided a meal break of at least 30 minutes which is not to exceed 60 minutes.

On-Call Pay (Non-exempt Employees)
If you are an on-call employee who is called back to work outside your normal work
schedule, you shall be paid for the time worked or a minimum of four (4) hours, whichever is
We offer medical, dental, vision, accident, short-term disability and life insurance to all full-
time employees on the first of the month following 15 days of continuous employment.
Workers’ Compensation
The company is covered under statutory state workers’ compensation laws. If you sustain any
workrelated injury, you must immediately notify your supervisor.
Tuition discount
As a full-time employee, you are eligible to receive tuition discount for up to two children to
attend any of our schools, so long as there is enrollment space available in the program.
However, the tuition discount applies only to base tuition. It does not cover any additional
costs beyond base tuition. It is also independent of your salary. It cannot be exchanged for a
salary increase. Lastly, it is available only to full-time employees.
Time off
All full-time employees are eligible for scheduled paid holidays each year. Full-time
employees are also eligible to earn 5 floating paid holidays per year. Floating holidays can be
used for religious or cultural holidays, U.S. observance days, or other personal celebrations
and traditions.
All positions accrue flexible paid time off throughout the year that can be used for vacation,
illness, kin care, or other personal needs.
Paid sick time is rolled into our flexible paid time off plans for full-time employees, so the
flexible PTO plan adds together both sick and personal days.
Family and Medical Leave Act
Upon hire, we provide all new employees with notices required by the U.S. Department of
Labor (DOL) on Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under the Family and Medical Act.
The function of this policy is to provide you with a general description of your FMLA rights.
Under the policy, we will grant you up to 12 weeks (or up to 26 weeks of military caregiver
leave to care for a covered service member with a serious injury or illness) during a 12-month
period. The leave may be paid, unpaid or a combination of paid and unpaid leave, depending
on the circumstances of the leave and as specified in this policy.
Eligibility requirements: You are eligible to benefits under FMLA if you have worked for a
covered employer for at least one year, for 1,250 hours over the previous 12 months, and if at
least 50 employees are employed by the employer within 75 miles of that work site.


Under the FMLA, you may take leave for the birth of a child and in order to care for that
child; the placement of a child for adoption or foster care and to care for a newly placed
child; to care for a spouse, child or parent with a serious health condition; your serious health
condition; and Military caregiver leave (also known as covered service member leave) to care
for an injured or ill service member or veteran.
Amount of leave: You may take up to 12 weeks, except for the Military Caregiver leave,
which is 26 weeks. Each time you take a leave, we will compute the amount of leave you
have taken under this policy in the last 12 months and subtract it from the 12 weeks of
available leave, and the balance remaining is the amount of time you are entitled to take at
that time.
Spouses: If spouses both work for Olu Montessori and each wishes to take leave for the birth
of a child, adoption or placement of a child in foster care, or to care for a parent (but not a
parent "in-law") with a serious health condition, the spouses may only take a combined total
of 12 weeks of leave.
Benefits during leave: While you are on leave, Olu Montessori will continue your health
benefits during the leave period at the same level and under the same conditions as if you had
continued to work.
Employee Status After Leave: An employee who takes leave under this policy may be asked
to provide a fitness for duty (FFD) clearance from the health care provider.
Please note that all paid vacation, personal and sick leave runs concurrently with FMLA
Procedure for Requesting FMLA Leave: All employees requesting FMLA leave must provide
Human Resources with verbal or written notice of the need for the leave. Within five business
days after an employee has provided this notice, Human Resources will provide that
employee with the DOL Notice of Eligibility and Rights. When the need for the leave is
foreseeable, an employee must provide Olu Montessori with at least 30 days’ notice. When an
employee becomes aware of a need for FMLA leave less than 30 days in advance, that
employee must provide notice of the need for the leave either the same day or the next
business day.

Criminal, civil, and professional investigations


If you become the subject of an investigation (criminal or civil), or disciplinary action by a
professional body or a secondary employer, you must inform the Immediate manager
immediately. As soon as practicable thereafter, you must confirm these details in writing to
the School.
Private use of equipment
Use of the School’s equipment for private purposes (e.g., personal use of telephones,
computer equipment, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
We endeavor to provide a safe environment in which you are encouraged to come forward
without fear of ridicule, victimization, or other negative consequence should you suspect any
form of wrongdoing taking place. We assure you that:
 your concerns will be considered seriously,
 the need for confidentiality will be respected,
 you will be given support,
 you will be dealt with in a fair and equitable manner,
 you will be kept informed of action that has been taken as far as possible, you will be
kept informed of the outcome of any investigation,

Notice period
a. Employer’s notice period – post-probation


The minimum period of notice that you are entitled to receive from the School to terminate
your employment for any reason, other than for gross misconduct or whilst on probation, is
one month, except where in due course this is exceeded by the statutory minimum notice
b. Employee’s notice period – post-probation
You are required to give the School a reasonable amount of notice, depending on length of
service, role, and seniority. The minimum levels above should be applied, however the best
interests of the students must be considered when deciding notice period. Therefore, these
arrangements do not prevent you or the School from giving, or agreeing to give, a longer
period of notice, or either party waiving rights to notice.
The School may, at its discretion, make a payment in lieu of the appropriate period of notice.
In circumstances of gross misconduct/incompetence, summary dismissal (i.e., dismissal
without notice or pay in lieu of notice) may be warranted, which will override your
entitlement to notice of termination of employment.
Return of school property.
Upon termination of your employment, and at any other time during the course of your
employment, at the request of the immediate manager, you must immediately return to the
School all property which belongs to Olu Montessori or which contains or refers to any
confidential information.
Where confidential information is in your possession or control in electronic form, you shall
return to the School any equipment containing such information and delete it from any
computer or laptop or any other storage device owned or operated by you.
All information, personal and business, held on computerized systems owned by, or used on
behalf of, the School (e.g., files, emails and calendars) remain the property of the School at
all times and shall not be removed or downloaded by you on termination of contract without
explicit agreement. Access to work email accounts and calendars will be terminated
following your last working day of employment.
Payment of final salary
Any final payments of salary and expenses will be made to you in the normal way, less any
deductions due to the school. Once all final payments have been made, you will be sent your
final pay slip and relevant statutory forms.
Requesting a reference
We are committed to giving accurate and timely references for past employees and will
supply a standard written reference. References will not be given over the telephone.
References will only be provided by the HR Department to prospective future employers and
not directly to employees.



Equal Opportunity
Olu Montessori is an equal opportunities employer and opposes all forms of discrimination
on the grounds of any protected characteristic such as age, sex, marriage/civil partnership,
race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability (including mental health and clinically
obese), religion or belief, gender reassignment, sexual orientation and pregnancy. Any form
of discrimination on these grounds is unlawful and will not be tolerated. This applies not only
to the hiring process but also to working conditions and privileges of employment.
Olu Montessori complies with U.S. anti-discrimination laws, which include, but are not
limited to the following:
 Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race,
color, sex, or ethnic origin.
 Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) prohibits discrimination against
employees 40 years and older.
 Non-discrimination Act (GINA) prohibits the use of using genetic information for
hiring, firing, or promotion decisions and for any decisions regarding terms of
employment, health coverage and employment on the basis of genetic information.
Olu Montessori is committed to providing an environment that is free from any conduct that
can be considered harassing, coercive, or disruptive, including sexual ‘harassment. Actions,
words, jokes, or comments based on an individual’s sex, race, color, national origin, age,
religion, disability, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected characteristic will not be
Sexual Harassment is defined as unwanted sexual advances, or visual, verbal, or physical
conduct of a sexual nature. This definition includes many forms of offensive behavior and
includes gender-based harassment of a person of the same sex as the harasser.
Reporting Discrimination and/or Harassment
Upon experiencing or witnessing sexual or other unlawful harassment in the workplace,
report it immediately to the immediate manager. You can raise concerns and make reports
without fear of reprisal or retaliation.
Cultural Diversity
Olu Montessori recognizes and values the traditions and customs of others and, in so doing,
practices an open and tolerant attitude towards different religions, cultures, ethnic groups,
races and personal views. Special racial, religious, ethnic, cultural and linguistic needs of
clients will be determined and documented during their initial assessment. The School also
recognizes the cultural and religious obligations of its employees. You are expected to
become more knowledgeable of, and sensitive to, other cultures and to recognize and support


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Americans with Disabilities
Amendments Act, known as the ADAAA, are federal laws that prohibit employers with 15 or
more employees from discriminating against applicants and individuals with disabilities and
that when needed provide reasonable accommodations to applicants and employees who are
qualified for a job, with or without reasonable accommodations, so that they may perform the
essential job duties of the position.
It is the policy of Olu Montessori to comply with all federal and state laws concerning the
employment of persons with disabilities and to act in accordance with regulations and
guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Furthermore, it
is our policy not to discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities in regard to
application procedures, hiring, advancement, discharge, compensation, training or other
terms, conditions and privileges of employment.
The School will reasonably accommodate qualified individuals with a disability so that they
can perform the essential functions of a job unless doing so causes a direct threat to these
individuals or others in the workplace and the threat cannot be eliminated by reasonable
accommodation and/or if the accommodation creates an undue hardship to Olu Montessori.
Contact the Human Resource department with any questions or requests for accommodation.



I acknowledge that I have received the Olu Montessori Employee Handbook ("the
Handbook"), dated July 2022, and understand that violations of the policies contained in the
Handbook could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
I further understand that the information contained in the Handbook represents guidelines for
Olu Montessori and that Olu Montessori reserves the right to modify the Handbook or amend
or terminate any policy, procedure, or employee benefit program at any time, with or without
I further understand that the contents of the Handbook do not form an employment contract.
No part of the handbook constitutes an express or implied contract nor may any part of the
handbook be construed as terms or conditions of a contract with Olu Montessori.
I understand that my employment is ―at-will. Either Olu Montessori or I have the right to
terminate my employment at any time.
I further understand that no manager, supervisor, or representative of Olu Montessori other
than the head of the school, has any authority to enter into any agreement guaranteeing
employment for any specific period of time. I also understand that any such agreement, if
made, will not be enforceable unless it is in writing and signed by both parties.
I understand and agree that this handbook and the policies and procedures contained herein
supersede any and all prior practices, oral or written representations, or statements regarding
the terms and conditions of my employment with Olu Montessori. By distributing this
Handbook, the school expressly revokes any and all previous policies and procedures that are
inconsistent with those contained herein
I further understand that if I have any questions about the interpretation or application of any
Policies contained in the Handbook, I should direct these questions to my manager or Human

________________________________ _____________________
Employee’s signature Date



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