So I hired an attorney several weeks ago to help me with my EEOC charge amendment and to write a rebuttal

the rebuttal was due 10/12/21 to the EEOC

he called the EEOC and per his words got an extension until 10/27/21

Nevertheless outside of emails saying he’s working on it

I don’t have any contacts from him

He won’t set up meetings won’t return calls

and I’m worried if I don’t have something ready

he might not have anything done by Wed 10/27/21 when it’s due

I started an amended charge

and rebuttal

but have to get some help I think in editing and making sure the law I cite is good

I need to hire someone today

I need to get stuff ready before Monday

Yeah any help on this is appreciated
I’ts not nearly as detailed as my draft rebuttal

So I need to combine my rebuttal draft with his

I think that is the first project

Second project is cleaning up and shortening up my amended charge to get rid of redundancy

the first thing is to do the rebuttal revison

and get that before Mon if possible

And then the second thing is to do the amended charge clean up

So can you start today

I work all day tomorroow helping elderly people

as a care provider

I want to turn it all in on Monday