Esther Tendo Atam

13621 Arcturus Ave.

Gardena, CA 90249


March 26, 2023


Hon. Michael Small





(Esther Atam v. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, et al, 21STCV41538)


Dear Sir,


I am the Plaintiff in the referenced action. I write this letter to express my concerns over my e-filed documents, which are not appearing in the Court Docket.


The Court issued a Minute Order on March 17, 2023. I timely filed an application responding to the Minute Order on March 20, 2023. Said filing only went through on March 24, 2023, which is not my fault.


Also, the Court Clerk rejected my e-filed documents, which are not exempt from e-filing. These documents include:


  1. Objection to non-party BRNS’ objection to sanctions,
  2. Affidavit in support of sanctions to BRN,
  • Affidavit in support of objection to Kerri Coles’ objection to deposition subpoena,
  1. Case management statement.


The denial of my e-filed documents curtails my right to access justice in California Courts. I therefore request you to address this matter, and resolve it, for the interest of justice.


I have attached proofs of my e-filing attempts and proofs of service thereof.


Yours sincerely,




Esther Atam



Cc: Lisa M. Margorien, Esq. (Attorney for Defendant(s))

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