This drop shipping agreement is made by and between 

 ——————————————————————————– (———————————————-), hereinafter referred to as the SUPPLIER and Vanina Beatriz Serra (Donaustr 49, 12043 Berlin, Germany) hereinafter referred to as the VENDOR.

Dropshipping: it is a retail fulfillment method in which the Vendor does not keep goods in stock but instead directly transfers End Customer orders and shipment details to the Supplier, who then ships the goods directly to the End Customer. In the retail businesses, the Vendors make their profit on the difference between the Supplier and Vendor price.

Hereby the Supplier and Vendor agree as follows:

Term: Vendor and Supplier agree that the term of the Agreement shall commence on the written effective date and shall continue for as long thereafter as it is mutually agreed between Vendor and Supplier.

Cancellation: If Vendor or Supplier is not satisfied with the program defined by this contract and the results thereof, either party may terminate this agreement by providing thirty (30) days written notice to the other aforementioned party.

Right to Modify: Both parties retain the right to modify this agreement at any time.

Sell Channels: Vendor use only as sell channels the 

URL myhandmadeshop.com and social media related to this website.

Rights and Obligations:

The manufacturer:

  1.  Provide product fulfillment for all sales regarding any images of products supplied by the manufacturer.
  2. Has the right to sell products under their own manufacture brand name to consumers or other resellers 
  3.  Has no right to use a reseller brand name to promote its own products
  4. Has all intellectual property rights on its own manufactured product (as well as on the image). The manufacturer assures does not infringe the copyrights of third parties. In case that happens, the manufacturer will face their responsibilities as well as legal costs.
  5. Keep the product liability and accept the return of the product as well assume shipping cost between 14 days of being received the package and when:
  6. by mistake sent a different product that the ordered by the reseller
  7. it is in defect or received with damage
  8. does not match with the description in the reseller web
  9. does not keep the liability when:
  10. the reseller or buyer orders the wrong item
  11. the shipping address provided is incorrect/ wrong
  12. the reseller want to cancel the order while the product is already shipped
  13. Will process the order between two business days of being received and send the seller information about shipping (day of shipping, company service, tracking number, etc.)
  14. Will invoice reseller every 14 days for sales from that period.
  15. Does not interfere in the price decision by reseller but can advise about it.
  16. Does not communicate directly to customers of its goods and services.
  17. Has to include in the packaging and product the reseller brand name.

The reseller

1. Will pay a 20 % restocking fee for packages returned because the wrong address provided

2. Is responsible for collecting, reporting, and remitting taxes to the correct tax authority related to the product’s sale on its own website.

3. Is the only liable for the reseller’s web site’s success and accuracy, and legality of operations.

4. Is responsible for direct customer support

5. It has no right to use the manufacturer’s product image if this drop shipping agreement is canceled.

Orders, procedure, and Shipping: 1. Orders are placed via email, processed next two (2) business days, and shipped. Any change is previously arranged by email. 

The Supplier will insert the Vendor label inside the packaging with the absence of the Supplier brand name.

A tracking number will be sent to the Vendor by email.

Shipping fee is stipulated under……………….. Eur. for international European countries with the company service called…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Return policy: Supplier will provide a 14-day return policy during which a Customer may return an item. The supplier will not accept return/refunds for any damaged items. The supplier will not provide any policy for any claims placed on an item after 14 business days of being received.

Wrong address: Supplier will charge the Vendor any fees associated with a wrong address provided. If the apartment/suite number is not included or a wrong postal code is provided, and reshipping is required, a re-shipping charge is added to the original shipping charge added to the Vendor’s account. 

Items that haven’t arrived: If a buyer declares that they have not received the item, the Vendor will ask the Supplier for a regular receipt; this should identify the recipient’s address. If this is not the case, it can be decided in favor of the buyer.

 Supplier’s Role

  • To not be involved in the transaction Vendor – Customer. 
  • To not decide the final price of the product.
  • To ensure a valid warranty for the provided products.
  • To provide information to the Vendor in case of Consumer issues in case it is necessary.

Vendor’s Role: The vendor is responsible for these actions:

  • To pay the shipping cost. It can be included in the product price or be separately arranged.
  • To pay Supplier independently of the client payment.
  • To collect, report, and pay the tax of the product seller.
  • To be customer support.

Intellectual property rights (IPR) of physical product: All copyright, patent, trade secret and other proprietary and intellectual property rights in the Products, and information which the Supplier may provide to the Vendor or its agents in relation to the Products, shall (as between the parties) at all times remain vested in the Supplier or the manufacturer of the Products, and the Vendor shall not acquire any intellectual property rights or licence relating to the Products and may not copy or imitate the Products.

If any claim is made against the Vendor that the Products infringe(or that their use or resale infringes) the patent, copyright, design, trademark, or other industrial or intellectual property rights of any person, the Supplier shall indemnify the Vendor against any liability incurred by the Vendor(including associated expenses reasonably incurred) in connection with the claim.

IPR of images related to the product: Images of all products supplied by Supplier, including images on Supplier’s web site, social media, or shop in other platforms, is the exclusive property of Supplier. The Vendor may use these images only in connection with the sale of the Supplier’s products.

The Vendor is authorized to use the images located in……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Exclusivity: Supplier agrees that Vendor doesn’t offer the products to the market under another name that does not identify it with the Supplier brand name. The product will be offered in “myhandmadeshop”. Supplier is not allowed to use this other name on its own products.                       

Client data: Supplier is not allowed to use the Vendor’s client’s personal data for additional advertising through email, calling, or writing.

Division of profits between parties: It is established as/for manufacturer and reseller  

Price Stipulation: The Supplier will not interfere with the price decision of the supplied product.

Billing: Supplier will invoice vendor every 14 days for sales from that period. The payment is executed every two weeks to the bank account ______________

Non-Payment: Non-payment Vendors will be charged an overdue account fee of Eur. 10 per week on top of the amount owed if any payment reaches 30 days past due. 

Sell Channels: Vendor use only as sell channels the 

URL myhandmadeshop.com and social media related to this website.

Confidential Information: During the course of business between Vendor and Supplier, confidential information related to Vendor’s or Supplier’s business needs to stay confidential. Such confidential information may include market prices, unique visitor’s website, inventory levels, product features, and pricing and anticipated new products, Supplier sales practices, and programs. The vendor agrees that the confidential information will be used solely to conduct business with the Supplier. The vendor must not disclose or distribute any confidential information to any competitor of the Supplier or any other third party without the Supplier’s express written consent.

Prices and product availability are subject to change, and important changes need to be shared with the Vendor in advance. By placing an order, the Vendor accepts all Supplier’s terms and policies outlined in this Agreement. 

The Supplier reserves the right to modify any of the terms of this Agreement with notice to the Vendor.

Termination. This Agreement may be terminated the lack of performance by either party to this agreement provided: the terminating party issues a 30 day notice to the other party.

Law/ Severability. The law of Germany shall govern the construction, interpretation, execution, and enforcement of this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement shall be held invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, such holding shall not invalidate any other provision of this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties’ undersigned authorized representatives have executed this Agreement as of the Effective Date above written by duplicate copies.

       SUPPLIER                                                                       VENDOR                                        

——————————–                                                  ——————————–             

Authorized Signature                                                           Authorized Signature




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