January 12, 2020

The Honorable Todd M. Williams

District Attorney

_______________ County


Dear Mr. District Attorney,

My name is Christian Creech, and I have been serving in the United States Army for 19 years. On ____________________ (enter date) as I was gathering my luggage to leave, I encountered Kate Earp who scratched me. I decided to call the cops to mitigate the issue by letting me grab my stuff and leave as we have always been trained in the U.S Army to call law enforcement to mitigate issues instead of blowing them out of proportion. The law enforcement came to my aid and arrested Kate Earp.

However, due to misunderstanding and miscommunication by law enforcement, assault charges have been filed against me. I want to bring to your attention that Kate Earp is not a violent person, but rather she is a valued member of the Union County Schools, the community, church, and more. She is a person of integrity, and she exudes a calm nature.

The law enforcement’s involvement in our issue was to protect the interests of those involved and was also in compliance with the guidelines in the U.S Army that require one to call law enforcement to mitigate issues. Therefore, I am humbly requesting that the charges filed be dropped as they result from miscommunication and misunderstanding by law enforcement.

 Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you.



 Christian Creech

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