Question Two

I am awed by the golden rule in the world’s religions that is to treat your neighbor as would like to be treated. I believe in the universality of the Golden rule. I believe it is relevant in the single standard of ethics because many ethical issues result from people’s selfish actions. If all human beings treated others as they would like themselves treated, it could solve many ethical issues. For example, if you don’t want your money stolen, do not steal other people. The Golden Rule is a simple rule that should govern all human transactions and work. If we are all governed by the Golden Rule, it could be easier for ethics to be implemented.

Question Three

 The benefit of using the Golden rule as the guideline for personal ethical conduct is people are less likely to act with selfish intent. When applying the golden rule for personal ethical conduct, one is likely to consider the impact of his/her actions on another person and act right to avoid causing detrimental harm to another. Application of the Golden Rule in business is likely to increase transparency and reliance. Businesses can be trusted more if they treat their customers and clients with high ethical standards. However, there are drawbacks, such as businesses wanting more benefits for themselves and quick returns. In the quest for more money, businesses are likely to take shortcuts, i.e., producing defective products to earn money. Many people and businesses believe in shortcuts and doing whatever thing possible to increase their benefits. This can be a setback in the application of the golden rule.

Question Four

It could be difficult for doctors to apply the Golden Rule, where the patient’s treatment may expose the doctor to potential health risks or safety risks. A doctor may look at his/her safety first before that of the patient, and applying the golden rule may be difficult. The patient is likely to be affected by the decision, and they may even die.


Question Two

  1. Abortion is morally wrong. However, the law allows such where the mother’s life is in danger, in situations where the child was conceived of rape or fetal malformation. Following ethics to be specific, the Golden Rule is to treat your neighbor as you would love to be treated; abortion can be considered ethically wrong.
  2. Prostitution may be viewed as morally and legally wrong. However, some consider it as a source of income and a source of livelihood for their families.

Question Three

The current chiropractic practice involving spinal and joint manipulation may be considered barbaric by the future generation as it causes unwanted fractures and injuries.

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