The Criminal Justice System DOES have a responsibility

The criminal justice system’s main objectives are to restore people into society, incapacitate, deter people from committing any other crimes, and offer retribution to offenders. If the Criminal Justice System helps people reintegrate people into society, there is a high likelihood of reducing crime recurrence. Also, the re-entry centers are not accessible to all as some people, as soon as they get out of prison, move to the streets, and are forced to go into crime to fend for themselves. If the Criminal Justice system helps people reintegrate into society, then there will be fewer people in the streets who have been formerly incarcerated. If Criminal Justice helps people reintegrate into society, then the services will be available to all who are in prison instead of being open to the few who can access these services. If the Criminal Justice System takes responsibility or reintegrates members back into society, there is a likelihood of increased accountability and transparency. The Criminal Justice System would have performed its obligations of completely reforming a person and giving them a second chance at life and in the community. The incarcerated people are likely to bear more responsibility and feel accepted into the community. Besides, the rate of discrimination based on race is expected to reduce because the Black and Hispanics who have moved out of jail are not usually accorded grace and second chances than their White counterparts. If the Criminal Justice System takes responsibility, then that will improve equity and equality.

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