August 25, 2023

(Sender’s address)
16 May 2022
(Recipient’s Address)
To whom it may concern,
My name is _____________, I am a business owner, a mother and a law-abiding
I am writing this in reference to the charges of deposit account fraud that we filed against me in

  1. The incidences leading up to the charge are as follows, I wrote a check for 4k in good faith
    with no intention to defraud, the check bounced, and the bank pressed charges against me.
    Unfortunately, I was unaware of the check that bounced and the charges pressed against me by
    the bank. When the case was presented before the court, the case was lowered to a misdemeanor,
    and I was able to pay out the check in court.
    The 2010 case should not in any way impute bad character and bad faith in my record; it was an
    honest mistake. Since then, I have learned to exercise care and due diligence in my dealings and
    obey the law. I hope the unfortunate experience will not deter you from considering my
    mortgage license application.

Looking forward to your favorable consideration.

Yours sincerely,

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