Dana Greene-Coward

7405a Greenback Lane #215

Citrus Heights, CA 95610

August 27, 2021

Wei-Jen Harrison


1848 Grey Owl Circle

Roseville, CA 95661


Dear Ms. Harrison,

I am writing in reference to the repairs that are overdue at the Continental apartments. Your conduct in handling the repairs and your sheer insensitivity so far has left me bothered and disturbed. Therefore, this letter serves as a formal demand for your prompt attention. I have issued a set of demands that I believe would act as fair and just redress for the situation at hand.

Herein, I will first give a brief outline of events, which will provide a basis for my claims and/or concerns.

The condition of the Unit and/or property

The living condition in our apartment is unacceptable. The years I have submitted work orders and waited patiently is ridiculous. The amounts of stress, retaliation, intimidation and threats have been unbearable.

We have been made to order food since November 2020, because the main eye and the oven became a fire hazard. The stove needs to be replaced. Besides, the black mold is still present. Roaches are crawling over my counters and bathrooms area.

The microwave does not work. It does not to code and must be removed. Also, the wall that leaks when it rains has not been repaired.

I am disabled and require a wheelchair at all times. My parking spot that allowed for my wheelchair was taken by workers, and was then given to a new tenant. Therefore, my parking space has been moved further away from my apartment. Accordingly, I was forced to walk using my cane and walker.

I am also concerned about being evicted. Notably, I am not behind on my rent. I have several credits but it is not reflected in my ledger. I do keep records, notes, pictures and emails.

Attempts to give notice of the said condition

I have put your management company on notice of these problems via email, verbally and phone calls. Work orders had been submitted for these repairs, only for the company to request that I fill out work orders all over again.

In a bid to address the situation, an appointment was scheduled to enter my unit with Aly, the Property Manager, and she was to be accompanied by the maintenance person to assess the numerous repairs. Instead, there were around 4-5 individuals who showed up at my door with no notice or consideration.

They identified themselves as individuals from the Corporate. Notably, I felt intimidated and was stressed because these individuals showed up at my door without notice and wanted to enter my house in the midst of the COVID- 19 pandemic. They entered my apartment and individually engaged me in conversation as to why they all were not allowed to enter. I allowed the corporate maintenance person to enter, but he was not allowed if everyone could not enter. Nevertheless, Shannon Gee and Ally did enter my apartment and took pictures of “some” of the issues. For instance, they took pictures of the stove and the microwave and concluded that they need to be replaced.

Consequently, I received a letter from the corporate office, which was insulting, because its reference to my mother was unwarranted, inaccurate and uncalled for. The warning to never contact you and to move out if I was unhappy was equally insulting.

In spite of the notices, no repairs have been made to date. No accommodations have been made for me as it relates to parking as I am disabled. Other tenants have had repairs addressed and repaired. Our family is still waiting.


Consequential and incidental to your actions and/or inactions, and to help prevent the same conduct happening in the future, I demand you make good your conduct(s) in the following manner:

  1. THAT you pay $7,000, as damages for emotional harm caused by your conduct.
  • THAT you conduct all repairs in my unit to completion.

If you do not comply with the above requests, I will be forced to pursue legal action, which would be detrimental to you.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



Dana Greene-Coward

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