February 5, 2023












Pertaining to the above, I, the undersigned, write this letter concerning the negligent treatment I received at your premises. The said event happened when I was a patient in your facility on or about May 3, 2021.


It follows, this letter notifies you of your liability regarding the said actions or inactions. Thereby, I demand that you make good your liabilities as discussed below.   


I have attached as evidence a letter from the doctor who examined me and a letter from the plastic surgeon with the repair cost. I have also attached a Cover Letter. 




On or about May 3, 2021, I arrived at your clinic to have gastric sleeve surgery. Unfortunately, when I came home and tried to change the Bandage, I noticed that your staff did not staple or make any stitches or glue to one of the holes on my Belly. 


The wound was very deep and bleeding, so I went to see a doctor right away. The doctor told me that you were supposed to glue it at least and that it was already too late to do that. As a result of your staff’s negligence, I was told that I would have a large scar on my Belly. See EXHIBIT A. 


Consequently, I met with a plastic surgeon to fix it and prevent the large scar. Accordingly, I paid $4400 to have the issue resolved.  


The conduct of your staff amounted to medical negligence. Notably, the staff owed me a duty of care to ensure the procedure and treatment were done carefully. The staff breached the duty by failing to stitch or glue my wound properly. Accordingly, I suffered harm that was proximately caused by the negligent conduct of the staff. I had to incur expenses looking for medical assistance elsewhere to take care of the staff’s errors. Therefore, you are liable for your staff’s negligence under vicarious liability. It is also worth noting that the staff’s conduct also amounted to medical malpractice. It is against professional medical ethics to negligently fail to stitch a patient properly after a procedure. 




For the damages caused by your staff’s action/inaction, and to help prevent the same experience(s) from happening to other individuals, I demand an immediate refund from you of $4400. Please note that the $4400 damage I seek amounts to a proposal from me for a settlement.


If you do not comply with this request within seventy-two (72) hours, I will be forced to cancel the credit charge and pursue legal action seeking a much larger amount, including compensation for mental anguish. Please note that the suit would be detrimental to your institution’s record and reputation.  


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.







[Your Address]

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