DATE: ____ February 2021.

TO: Aero Deluxe Shipping Inc.



Dear Sir/Madam,


Reference is made to the above, and I hence strictly, mandatorily and firmly write to you and demand as hereunder expressed:

THAT FACTS well within your knowledge are that on or about August 8th 2019 I sent a package (warehouse receipt/tracking number 241135) with your services that was never delivered.

THAT fruitless efforts, follow-ups and communications on the same were made to have the package delivered. On or about December 10th 2019 the company responded that the package was still in transit. However, no further communications have been made by the company about this matter despite the fact that the package never arrived.

IN TERMS OF MY DEMANDS, I therefore demand that you, Aero Deluxe Shipping Inc. refund ONE HUNDRED and SIXTY TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS ($162.50) delivery service fees paid with Paypal (Transaction ID. 44966350JP41451F) which was confirmed by Aero Deluxe Shipping Inc. by email. Additionally, I demand TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS ($2,000) cost of the lost goods, TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS ($2,000) of lost profits, and ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS ($150) additional freight charges. I demand a collective sum of FOUR THOUSAND THREE AND HUNDRED TWELVE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS ($4,312.50).

TAKE NOTICE that unless I receive the amount stated above within fourteen (14) days from the date hereof, I shall institute proceedings to recover the amount against you at your own risk as to costs and other concomitant consequences flowing therefrom.

____________________                   _____________________

(NAME)                                                   (SIGNATURE)

____________________                   _____________________

(PHONE NUMBER)                                 (EMAIL)

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