August 24, 2023

Talmage Lee Bond
109 dell St. Robersonville, NC
Phone # 4049527931
October 7, 2022

Sherill & Cameron
117 W Council St, Salisbury, NC 28144

Attention: Mr. Carlyle Sherill

I want to bring to your attention the following matter:
On March 12, 2018, while at the Piedmont Correctional Center, Mr. Hartley wrongfully and
without my consent, filled out and signed an affidavit that stated that I wanted counsel. This was
done even after informing him that my mother was retaining Mr. Mckeny as my lawyer for my
revocation hearing which was slotted for March 14, 2018.
After the affidavit’s writing and signing, Marlene Mills, the assistant CSC, appointed Mr. Carlyle
Sherill as my lawyer. Despite being my lawyer, Mr. Sherill has never formerly communicated
with me or visited me at the Carteret County Jails (records do not exist to prove the same).
Unfortunately, despite there not being any form of communication with Mr. Sherill, he went on
to lie before the court on March 14, 2018, that he had talked to me over the phone. The statement
constitutes a falsity.
Erik Parker colluded with Glen Thomas (Graham County) and Hodson Robin (Bertie County) to
force me to revoke my post-release because I wouldn’t sign papers saying I wanted to go to
Florida. Further, Mr. Sherill and Mr. Erik Parker lied that Mr. Parker was my PPO at the time.
This was false, considering my mother lives in Martin County, and my PPO is from there.
Subsequently, after release, my PPO was Culbertson, Patrese.

Not only did Mr. Sherill lie, but he also tried to force me to go to Florida. The back and forth
resulted in me not being released on the release date, with case managers, other public defender
officers, and even officials from Florida trying to force me to Florida.
Ordinarily, a lawyer is supposed to be of aid to the cases they have taken up, but Mr. Sherill was
not. The additional days in jail caused my pain and anxiety and heightened my suffering. After
release, I was diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney failure, and as a result, I will be on dialysis for the
rest of my life.
I, therefore, DEMAND that you pay me $ 100,000 for the damages caused, which include
physical, health, and mental issues, within the next 14 days from the date of receipt of this
demand. Failure to which, I shall proceed to institute legal proceedings against you at your own
risk as to costs.

Be accordingly advised.

Yours faithfully,
Talmage Lee

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